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The Importance of Reliable Thermal Management in the Marine Industry

The Importance of Reliable Thermal Management in the Marine Industry Shipbuilding High Pressure Connector Division EuropeReliable cooling is a decisive factor for production, particularly in the marine industry. It is responsible for ensuring adequate temperatures in the turbine, the electronics racks and on the tool, or the machine, itself. The entire production and product life cycle of elements and machines are dependent on the efficiency of the cooling process and how it ensures ideal operating temperatures.

Parker has a broad program of thermal management components. It stands out thanks to its efficient interplay which is essential for ensuring that cooling circuits work reliably on a permanent basis. Each individual product stands for reliable functionality, durability, high material quality, and compact design.


Parker quick-action couplings are easy and fast to assemble                                                                                     

Quick-action couplings that can be used to connect cooling elements and cables are well suited to the thermal management field. Parker's RNS Series systems for block and panel installation expand the possibilities of design freedom for planning and installation. The series was initially developed for control cabinets to allow fast and reliable coupling and locking of the cooling circuits to the racks. 

It has several benefits:

  • Connections made with no additional tools

  • Low-pressure drop optimises energy savings without compromise to computer performance

  • Greatly reduced size allows installation in small spaces, expanding design possibilities 

  • Characteristic flat sealing valve design offers safety to the operator and the electronics themselves and makes an important contribution to environmental protection

  • Design prevents air penetration to the medium and prevention of medium leaking during coupling and uncoupling before start of maintenance work on the electronic components or batteries

  • Maintenance times are shortened significantly due to quick coupling and uncoupling

  • Shut-off couplings allow the fluid to remain in the circuit during maintenance work and does not need to be drained

  • Wide range of seals can be selected depending on the medium type and temperature

The Importance of Reliable Thermal Management in the Marine Industry NSA Couplings High Pressure Connectors EuropeAnother benefit of Parker's quick connection couplings is the variety of materials available. NSA Couplings, for instance, are made of aluminium and correspond with the trend towards lightweight construction. In addition, components made of nickel-plated brass or stainless steel are corrosion-free with a wide range of liquids, while offering consistent quality and long service life, just like the other couplings. Thanks to the different sizes available (3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 19 and 25 mm), couplings can be adapted optimally to the specific cooling circuit. When used in transportation systems, the couplings prove their resistance to vibration and torsional movements.


Silicone hose minimizes maintenance costs and assembly time

The 6722 Series Silicone hose is an important system element for heating and cooling applications as they allow to minimize maintenance cost and time and maximize the performance of the system.

The extruded hose meets SAE J20 R3 Class A specification and can be installed as a thermal management solution wherever there is a cooling/heating circuit to run efficiently. The low permeation material is suitable for a wide range of coolant fluids and withstands ozone and UV attack more efficaciously than traditional solutions. The series is not only chemical and oxidation-resistant but also extremely stable at elevated operating temperatures in engine compartments starting from –54°C to achieve +177°C. It maintains flexibility and elasticity over time. This reduces the risk to crack, harden, or become drily rotted and increases the possibility of installation in narrow and compact spaces, tight envelopes and around an obstruction. Additionally, it offers a good ability to dampen sounds and vibrations keeping a quiet and stable profile. All these benefits contribute to an extended service life reducing costs of maintenance, downtime, warranty, and logistics while sustaining the performance of circuits and equipment over the long haul.The Importance of Reliable Thermal Management in the Marine Industry Silicone Hose High Pressure Connectors Europe

There is no better choice for today’s trend where there are applications surpassing the temperature capabilities of other rubber solutions on the market. Silicone is the ultimate choice for extreme temperature applications and when flexibility over the lifetime is requested.


Total system solution

The wide Parker product range for Thermal Management is enlarged by its extensive portfolio of push-to-connect fittings as an alternative to metal screw-on, clip-on and barbed connection technologies. The productivity is increased thanks to quick assembly (connection without tools; no need to weld, glue or crimp).

  • Push-to-connect fittings are available in polymer/metal from diameter 4 mm to diameter 22 mm. The fittings can be combined with a variety of flexible tubing materials (PA, PE, PU, FEP, PFA)

  • Push-in fittings ensure maximal flow, enable fast and easy maintenance, and are 100 percent leak-tested and individually dated in production.

  • Series 204-209 KL Coupling Systems stand out for their extremely low leakage rate and a minimum volume of dead space.

  • SensoControl sensors help to monitor the stable function of the entire system and to indicate potential sources of error.



Based on its broad product range, Parker develops modular systems in close collaboration with its customers. In addition to individual products, the company also offers ready-to-install systems from coupling to screw fitting, hose, or distributor. The benefit for the customers is that they can rely on the supplier’s decades of experience and they can save valuable assembly time thanks to the delivery of complete systems blocks, which in turn greatly simplifies the spare parts stocking process.


The Importance of Reliable Thermal Management in the Marine Industry Georg Kalble High Pressure Connectors Division EuropeArticle contributed by Georg Kälble, manager marketing service, High-Pressure Connectors Europe Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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