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The Intersection of Hope and Purpose in China

The Intersection of Hope and Purpose - Child laughing - Parker HannifinFor many of us at Parker, leading with purpose means identifying opportunities for making life better in the communities where we live and work. It acknowledges our strengths and aligns with our values, which also makes our work deeply personal, as a group of Parker China team members has experienced firsthand.

Poverty continues to be an ongoing struggle in many parts of rural China. So when a massive earthquake destroyed a primary school in the remote mountain village of Tianshui, Gansu in 2008, families in the neighboring communities had little hope of recovery.

The China Youth Development Foundation quickly formed a plan to rebuild damaged schools in the area and put out a call for help. The answer came from more than 2,000 kilometers and a day’s journey away. Working together, Parker China in Shanghai and The China Youth Development Foundation established The Parker Hannifin Hope School in 2009.

The Intersection of Light and hope - Picture of school and kids - Parker China

 "We believe that education is the root of eliminating poverty in China. So when we learned of the opportunity to help rebuild this vital resource, we felt it was our responsibility to help."

Joan Cai, admin officer, Parker China


Mingde Elementary School

The Intersection of  Hope and Purpose - Parker team with kids - Parker ChinaOn December 30th, in the southwestern city of Jiangxi winter was cold. On the same day, the Parker Hannifin Volunteer Team consisting of Liu Jianrong, Xu Linling and Gu Jianquan and the staff of the Jinqiao Management Committee of Pudong New Area arrived at this gathering of love-the "Light of Hope" poverty alleviation aid project. School——Mingde Elementary School, Jianchang Town, Nancheng County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province. The team brought with them a "Love Fuel Bundle," items collected inside the company for the school, so that children can feel the warmth from thousands of miles away.

The Hope School

INtersection of  light and hopeLocated in Tianshui, Gansu along the Qingshui River in Western China, The Hope School provides kindergarten and primary education to students from neighboring villages. In the decade since Parker China began partnering with the Hope School, more than a dozen graduates have enrolled at high-performing universities across the country, including Hunan University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

And the partnership remains vibrant. Each year, team members from Parker China undertake the long journey to the Hope School to deliver gifts, build relationships and to help address the needs of the surrounding community.

The Intersection of Hope and Purpose



Other team members routinely donate gift packages to the school and one even went as far as helping a Hope School Teacher put his daughter through University. Parker plans to establish five new libraries and three sports fields in collaboration with Project Hope.



"Everywhere you turn, there are stories like these. Our Parker team members find meaning and fulfillment in helping rural children learn, grow and thrive."

Joan Cai, admin officer, Parker China

Indeed, The Parker Hannifin Hope School is a shining example of what can happen when Hope meets Purpose. Learn more about Parker's Purpose and download our stories and videos.


The Intersection of  Hope and Purpose- Parker team members - Parker China

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