The MRO Authority - ParkerStore™ Launches New Blog

The MRO Authority ParkerStore Launches New Blog- Honeycomb- GRO

Welcome to the ParkerStore Blog. We’ll be bringing your Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) go-to source to the digital space. If you know us already, you know that getting you back to work is our “thing”. If you’re not yet working with your local ParkerStore, please read more. Either way, this blog is for you. 

So who are we, or better yet, what can we do for you? We are the Industrial Retail® arm of Parker Hannifin and its long-standing distributor partners. What we can do for you is simple. We offer not only the critical replacement components you need to keep your equipment and business moving but also the services and knowledgeable professionals to meet your most challenging jobs. From ParkerStore retail outlets and mobile HOSE DOCTOR® units to OnSite containers and Product Centers, improving your productivity and profitability is our focus.

Find your closest ParkerStore or service point and stop by to meet the team. We’re ready to help you. Not just with parts. Solutions.

And it’s important those solutions are available where you are - and that goes beyond the job site. You’re on the go, are we’re right there with you. The ParkerStore Blog has you covered with information on:

•    ParkerStore service points close to you
•    Parker product updates
•    Expert tips
•    How-to articles and videos 
•    The latest industry news

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Please leave a comment with topics you’re interested in surrounding the MRO industry and how we can help.

To find the nearest ParkerStore service point to your job site or for more information, visit

Suzanne Favri - Digital Marketing Specialist
Global Retail Operations, Parker Hannifin




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