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Top 5 HVACR and HVAC Climate Control Technology Blogs of 2017

Top 5 HVACR, HVAC Climate Control Technology Blogs in 2017 | HVACR technician | Parker SporlanIn 2017, many changes impacted the HVACR, HVAC climate control industry. New technologies emerged that changed the way we do business – most for the better! But they also brought a shift in the way we do our jobs, our way of thinking. Flame-free refrigerant fittings? Changes in refrigerant choices for retrofits? Troubleshooting a refrigeration system in the field? The smartest technicians understand the importance of not only staying informed but having a go-to resource for reference while on the job. Our Climate Control engineering team are dedicated to bringing you the knowledge you need when you need it through this blog; so you can do your job smarter, more efficiently, more profitably.

Answers to your questions and solutions to your challenges can be found in the top 5 most read blogs in 2017 below which addressed -

  • Challenging issues you face daily;
  • Tips and best practices to help you get the most out of your business;
  • Keeping you informed of new technologies that impact you on the job;
  • Saving you time and money.


HVACR Tech Tip: Basic Troubleshooting Given Three Measurements

As HVACR technicians, you need some ideas in your back pocket for basic troubleshooting in a refrigeration system. How about a simple chart that helps you diagnose a system with 3 data points for starters? Using this chart is simple and can greatly speed up the troubleshooting of a system while in the field.


Understanding and Preventing Superheat Hunting in TEVs | Thermostatic expansion valve | Parker SporlanHVACR Tech Tip: Understanding and Preventing Superheat Hunting in TEVs

A common problem facing refrigeration and air conditioning service technicians and contractors is superheat hunting by thermostatic expansion valves (TEVs). Here is a better understanding of a commonly overlooked cause of superheat hunting and how the problem might be corrected.




Considering a Refrigeration system retrofit? | Refrigeration aisle | Parker Sporlan

HVACR Tech Tip: Considering a Refrigeration System Retrofit? Part 1

Refrigerant choices for refrigeration systems are undergoing significant change, including choices for retrofits and new systems. This article is Part 1 of a 3 part series addressing such retrofits and deals with the basics of refrigerant blends and temperature glide.



Principles of Thermostatic expansion valves | Parker SporlanHVACR Tech Tip: Principles of Thermostatic Expansion Valves 

The thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) provides an excellent solution to regulating refrigerant flow into a direct expansion type evaporator. The TEV controls the flow of liquid refrigerant entering the direct expansion (DX) evaporator by maintaining a constant superheat of the refrigerant vapor at the outlet of the evaporator. To understand the principles of TEV operation, a review of its major components is necessary.




HVACR Tech Tip: What You Need to Know About Flooded Head Pressure Control | thermostatic expansion valve | Parker SporlanHVACR Tech Tip: What You Need to Know About Flooded Head Pressure Control

Six questions and answers that will help you learn the key points of what you need to know about flooded head pressure control.




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