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Top 5 Reasons Customers Choose GlobalCore Hose

Top 5 Reasons Customers choose Globalcore Hose - market image with agriculture equipment - Parker Hannifin Hose Products DivisionA company that chooses the wrong hose can meet with disaster resulting in added maintenance, decreased safety, and equipment failure. What are the primary characteristics you look for in a hydraulic hose? Over the last 3 months, Triad ParkerStores have been participating in a GlobalCore Football Fever promotion. This inaugural campaign has customers happily discussing their hydraulic applications and their past “dirty hose” experiences with Triad representatives. While people cite a long list of explanations for choosing Parker GlobalCore hoses, we’ve narrowed it down to the Top 5 reasons.

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   Top 5 Reasons Customers Buy
   GlobalCore Hose:

   What This Means


  • 212° / 257° F temperature ratings
  • Advanced inner tube chemistry


  • ½ minimum bend radius

  Easy Installation

  • Low force to flex for ease of installation
  • Compact and lightweight

  Tough, Awesome Performance

  • Standard, ToughCover and SuperTough cover technologies for abrasion resistance
  • Range of pressure and temperature
  • Routing advantages

  Best Customer Service

  • ParkerStores are located around the world, offering the highest level of customer service with solutions to fit even the most extreme applications.


Avoiding hose failure and the "dirty" hose scenario

When it comes to hydraulic hoses, there are many choices in the marketplace. Sometimes too many. Are you experiencing hose failures? Typical failures result from:

  • Incorrect operating pressure

One of the biggest reason for hose failure occurs when the maximum operating pressure of the hose does not meet the application requirements. In markets such as mobile equipment or oil and gas, hoses need to handle extremely rugged conditions, which means they need to consistently perform under high pressures (and temperatures). Every hose has an ideal working pressure and if this is constantly exceeded, the hose life will be substantially shortened.

  • Temperature extremes

Performance degrades and assemblies fail when the hose operates under excessively high or low operating temperatures. The harsh environment degrades the rubber turning it hard and brittle.

  • Incorrect fittings

Improper fittings also cause significant issues including reduced performance and efficiency due to leakage, as well as equipment downtime due to the fitting blowing right off the hose.

When you consider the range of factors for selecting your hose including size, temperature, application, materials, installation hose ends (fittings and couplings), it is easy to get overwhelmed by the selection process.

Simplifying hose selection and staying tough under pressure

Responding to OEM and MRO requests for an easier way to build their hose assemblies, Parker designed GlobalCore, consisting of six hydraulic hoses and two fittings series. GlobalCore significantly reduces engineering and service complexity. It provides the first comprehensive hose and fitting system that encompasses the most common constant working pressure classes.

With only six hoses, customers can quickly select the ideal hose based on working pressure. Then, they can easily select the fitting with a choice between Parker’s versatile 43 Series or the high pressure 77 Series. And at half the bend radius of conventional hose, GlobalCore makes installation and routing much easier.

Parker’s tested design provides customers worldwide with durability, ease of use, performance and support, simplifying their hose inventory to one product and one supplier.

GlobalCore-Hose-ISO-18752-standards-Replacement-Hoses - Parker Hannifin

GlobalCore is an ideal replacement for hoses of all competitive brands, meets ISO 18752 standards and is available globally at 1,000 psi to 6,000 psi in sizes -4 through -48.

Get rid of your dirty hose

We understand you have choices when it comes to hydraulic hose. To learn more about GlobalCore, visit our website or download our brochure. To see why so many of our customers proclaim, “I love my GlobalCore Hose!” watch the video below, featuring our Triad ParkerStores during the recent Football Fever promotion.

Watch the GlobalCore video


Top 5 reasons Customers choose GlobalCore Hose - Kyri Mcdonough, Parker HannifinThis content was contributed by Kyri McDonough, Hose Products Division, Marketing Services Manager





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