Top Frequently Asked Questions About Nitrogen Generators

Top Frequently Asked Questions about a Nitrogen Generator - Parker HannifinAn on-site nitrogen generator produces pure nitrogen from standard compressed air, replacing the need for a delivered supply in the form of high-pressure cylinders, liquid mini tanks or bulk storage vessels. Nitrogen generators are used in a wide range of markets from food processing to power generation. Some of the benefits of a nitrogen generator include:

  • Enhanced safety without the need to store or handle high-pressure cylinders

  • An on-demand supply eliminates downtime due to running out of gas or cylinder changes

  • Consistent flow, pressure, and purity

  • Compact, space-saving design

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Proven reliability

  • Eliminates the expense and CO2 emissions associated with truck deliveries

There are two types of on-demand technologies for generating nitrogen gas: membrane and pressure swing adsorption (PSA). Parker offers both membrane nitrogen generators and PSA nitrogen generators.

Below are 11 frequently asked questions about Parker Nitrogen Generators:

  1. Nitrogen generators express purity of nitrogen as 100% minus the percent of oxygen remaining in the gas stream. Why is that?
    In air, oxygen is the most reactive gas and is present in significant volume. The balance of gases are either trace or in the case of argon, not reactive. In addition, oxygen content can be easily and directly measured with an analyzer. Therefore, a 99% nitrogen stream is really 1% oxygen and 99% nitrogen and other gases.
  2. What does the nitrogen storage vessel do and do I need one?
    For PSA systems, the nitrogen storage vessel is used as a buffer during tower switchover so that the downstream pressure and flow are not affected. The membrane based HFX systems do not need a nitrogen storage vessel.
  3. What is included in a nitrogen generator?
    Each nitrogen generator is preassembled with a pre-filter rated at 99.99% at 0.01 micron and a final filter sterile rated at 99.9999+% (6 log reduction). A nitrogen storage vessel is included with each PSA nitrogen generator. Membrane systems do not include a storage vessel. Built-in oxygen analyzers are optional for both PSA and membrane systems.
  4. How much electricity is required?
    HFX series membrane generators do not need electricity which makes them ideal for explosion-proof locations. If they include an oxygen analyzer, they need minimal current rated at 120 VAC, 0.25A. The standard PSA nitrogen systems have an electrical rating of 120 VAC, 2.0A.
  5. Do you offer testing certificates?
    Each generator is tested at the factory prior to shipping. A test report may be requested from Parker’s Technical Support Department at 978-858-0505.
  6. Do you offer support globally?
    Parker Hannifin is a global manufacturer with manufacturing, service and support centers located strategically around the world. Let us know where you are located and we can put you in contact with a local representative.
  7. How can I change purity or flow?
    A flow and purity label is affixed to the front panel of each Parker generator. Simply adjust the flow control valve on the front panel to dial in the desired purity.
  8. Why don’t you supply a digital HMI?
    Digital Human Machine Interfaces are popular and provide a large amount of information, however, they can be confusing to operate. Feedback from our customers indicates that a simple manual control interface is the most intuitive and most preferred.
  9. Will I need to replace the Carbon Molecular Sieve in the PSA systems?
    Parker uses state of the art prefiltration to protect the system and the highest quality carbon molecular sieve available. With proper maintenance and inlet air quality, the sieve should last for the life of the system.
  10. If I have a question whom do I contact?
    Parker employs degreed engineers in our technical support department. Each engineer has vast experience in on-site gas generation applications and product troubleshooting. Live Chat is available on our website, or you can email the technical support department or call 978-858-0505.
  11. Are systems available for lease?
    Yes, ask your factory trained sales specialist to provide our favorable lease rates for your consideration.



Top Frequently Asked Questions about Nitrogen Generators - Parker HannifinTo learn more about the benefits of on-site nitrogen generation, read this white paper on a sustainable approach to the supply of nitrogen, or call 978-858-0505 to speak to an applications engineer.




This post was contributed by David Connaughton, Nitrogen product manager,  Parker Hannifin.




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