Costs Savings and Safety Improvements For Sanding Tables at Manufacturer

Cost savings and safety improvementsTFS assistance and recommendations to follow an improved preventative maintenance schedule resulted in a safer working environment for the operators and cost savings of 83% with reduced downtime, labor and disposal costs. The company manufactures small military and jet driven aircraft, as well as tires, engine parts, windows, gear exchanges, propellers, and other aircraft related accessories and has been a TFS customer for many years.


The challenge

The customer had been changing filters on their sanding/trim and grinding small parts tables on a monthly basis, which consisted of 18 tables and a total of 108 filters. The frequency of these change-outs resulted in:

  • Filter replacement costs of approximately $73,483
  • Significant production downtime
  • Excessive levels of hazardous waste exposure and disposal expenses


The TFS solution

TFS surveyed the units on the customer’s shop floor to confirm the magnehelic gauges were functioning properly. TFS found that the tables were reading in the manufacturer’s acceptable filter pressure drop range. TFS then met with maintenance supervisors and shop floor foreman’s and explained the proper filter change-out procedures based on magnehelic gauge readings.

The sanding table manufacturer recommended that filter change-outs occur when the level is 4”. New filters read 1.8”, the tables that TFS was asked to change filters on were reading 2” (just above new filter level).

TFS recommended that table operators have a maintenance work order written to change filters when the filters reached 4” so they would be changed out as needed.


The results

The customer followed TFS recommendations; sanding tables are now changed on a work order basis that gives the customer a true basis for when their sanding table filters need to be changed. On average, a sanding table filter will last 6 months.

  • Change-outs driven by magnehelic gauge readings
  • $12,247.20 spent on sanding table filters, providing a cost savings of 83%.
  • Reduced downtime, labor, and disposal costs due to the change-outs occurring every 6 months.
  • Employees are at less risk of exposure to hazardous materials. 

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