Delivering Filtration Solutions to the Food and Beverage Industry

Delivering Filtration Solutions to the Food and Beverage Industry - Bottling plant employee performing quality inspection - Total Filtration Solutions

At Total Filtration Services, we understand the food and beverage industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. We also understand brand protection is of critical importance.

Rigid standards for the creation and preparation of the food and beverages that people consume every day are paramount to the health and safety of the public, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that in every stage of production, our food and beverage clients are meeting every standard with excellence.


Delivering solutions, not just products

TFS offers a variety of solutions to meet the filtration needs that are integral in beverage manufacturing, from cartridge filters purifying the incoming potable water to the reverse osmosis membranes and post-carbon filters that protect product quality and taste, as well as high purity air filters necessary for storage tanks.

For food production facilities, we offer a wide range of filters needed for compressed air, dust collection, and high-efficiency air filtration to prevent airborne contaminants and ensure workplace safety and air quality.

Learn how we solved a product quality issue for a major cheese factory!


Total filtration management approach

Delivering Filtration Solutions to the Food and Beverage Industry - Food worker - Total Filtration Solutions

As the largest full-line supplier of filtration products in North America, we pride ourselves on being fully equipped to provide complete filtration assessments, diverse and comprehensive product lines, and ongoing product support.

Partnering with TFS provides companies in the food and beverage industry with a team of field professionals who will analyze and document your filtration applications and provide opportunities for standardization, usage reduction, process improvements, and inventory reduction. We refer to this approach as "Total Filtration Management," which is a process that often begins with a site (or plant) survey.


Learn the details about our survey process and the importance of performing a site survey.



We are devoted to streamlining your operations through a standardization program designed specifically for your facility. Utilizing common products and practices to every customer’s advantage, we stock over 100,000 SKU’s at our 17 branch locations across the United States. This immediately reduces or eliminates the amount of space required to store inventory on site


Delivering Filtration Solutions to the Food and Beverage Industry - TFS Map With Salesperson - Total Filtration Solutions


A true partnership

Our team of experienced and technical professionals at TFS partner with your organization and develop a program that not only meets the current needs of your operation but is able to grow and expand with your organization. TFS is devoted to the total filtration management of your operation, providing the best products the industry has to offer and unparalleled application experience.


Watch this video overview of our filtration solutions for the food and beverage industry:

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