Delivering Innovative Filtration Solutions to the Automotive Industry

Delivering Innovative Filtration Solutions to the Automotive Industry_TFS Building - Auburn Hills_Total Filtration SolutionsIn 1989, Total Filtration Services built its foundation on meeting and exceeding the needs of the automotive industry. With its headquarters located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, TFS has forged strong partnerships with automotive customers and pioneered the concept of Total Filtration Management, as well as cost-per-unit programs specific to each customer facility.

Today, we continue to build on our partnership with valued customers, suppliers, and development centers to develop solutions for the ever-changing needs of the automotive industry.


Partnering with TFS

Partnering with TFS provides companies in the automotive industry with a team of field professionals that will analyze and document your filtration applications and provide opportunities for standardization, usage reduction, process improvements, and inventory reduction.

Learn the details about our survey process and the importance of performing a site survey.

We are devoted to streamlining your operations through a standardization program designed specifically for your facility. Utilizing common products and practices to every customer’s advantage, we stock over 100,000 SKU’s at our 17 branch locations across the United States. This immediately reduces or eliminates the amount of space required to store inventory on site.

Our team provides unparalleled practical, working knowledge of filter life and use, ensuring the right products are specified for your applications. This optimizes the life of the products used in your facility and provides long-term cost-savings without compromising quality.


Your full line filtration supplier

Delivering Innovative Filtration Solutions to the Automotive Industry_Autotmotive Paint Booth_Total Filtration SolutionsTFS offers high-quality HVAC filters to help provide clean air for your facility as well as a clean environment for your paint-shop. We are equipped to provide filtration for every area of a paint booth system including:

  • pre-treatment
  • e-coat bath
  • ultrafiltration
  • reverse-osmosis
  • drying ovens

We also supply products for booth air house supply and diffusion media, in addition to roll media and sludge bags for waste de-watering.

To help remove nuisance dust and weld smoke from your processes, we offer high-quality dust and mist collection products.

When it comes to dealing with stamping lubricant oils and welding equipment cooling applications in your plant, we are prepared to meet your needs with a full-line of hydraulic and process liquid filtration products.

For your compressed air needs, we can supply a full-range offering of intake, coalescing, separators, and point of use filters, as well as heated, refrigerated, and desiccant dryers to provide your pneumatic system with clean, dry air.

Learn more about our product offerings here.

In addition to a wide range of filtration offerings, we supply absorbent and spill control products, including emergency spill kits as well as general oil, chemical, and water absorbents for general facility use.

Our nationwide network of experienced and technically trained professionals are dedicated to partnering with your team and developing a program that continually evolves with your operation, growing and expanding as new needs arise.

We are devoted to becoming your one-stop supplier for the total filtration management of your operation by providing the best products the industry has to offer and the unparalleled application experience that allows us to customize a solution to any problem.


Watch this video overview of our filtration solutions:


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