Increasing the Life of Dust Collector Cartridge Filters in Metalworking Plants

Increasing the Life of Dust Collector Cartridge Filters in Metalworking Plants - Metalworking application - Parker HannifinThe amount of dust created in metalworking applications calls for plant engineers and maintenance managers to make careful selections in their mitigation measures and equipment. While dust collectors are carefully engineered to handle the load, they are often overcome as production expands. In bronze manufacturing, for example, there is a strong need to find ways to extend filter life due to the high quantities of the dust generated in zinc processing operations. Here, we will examine how one company resolved an issue with premature binding of paper filter media with help from Parker, a manufacturing partner to Total Filtration Services.


The challenge

In the processing of zinc, a sticky, highly binding dust is created. A dust collector in operation at a bronze manufacturing facility offered a reasonable 2” differential pressure when it was first installed. Soon after installation, however, the pressure drop increased to over 5” and in a three month period, surpassed the 8” mark. The plant maintenance team investigated and determined that the increase in pressure drop was caused by an acute binding effect. The paper filter media used in the dust collector was clogged with a heavy conglomeration of dust created during processing resulting in:

  • Slow production.
  • Replacement of over 100 costly filter cartridges every 3 months.
  • An inability to keep up with customer demand. 

The solution

Parker’s experienced filtration engineers reviewed the situation carefully and made the recommendation of replacing the paper media with BHA®  Spunbond Polyester Cartridges. In addition, it was recommended the customer apply the BHA® Neutralite SR Spark Resistant Conditioning Agent on a daily basis.


BHA® Neutralite SR

Increasing the Life of Dust Collector Cartridge Filters in Metalworking Plants - Neutralite SR - Parker HannifinNeutralite SR is a light-density, neutral aluminum silicate powder that extinguishes hot sparks on contact before they can damage filters. The powder consists of microscopic particles of varying shapes. When injected into a baghouse, it creates a porous dustcake layer on the outer surface of the filter bags that increases filtering efficiency, improves airflow, and absorbs moisture and hydrocarbons.


BHA®  Spunbond Polyester Cartridges

Increasing the Life of Dust Collector Cartridge Filters in Metalworking Plants - spunbound polyester cartrdges - Parker HannifinIdeal for industrial applications like metalworking, spunbond polyester is a synthetic media that has similar filtration efficiencies to cellulose. It’s strong, more resistant to abrasion and moisture, and it has a better life cycle. It carries an average MERV rating of 10 and a MERV rating of 15 with nanofibers applied to the surface. With an ePTFE membrane applied to the surface of the base media, it has a MERV rating of 16+. The temperature rating is 265F, continuous.

To test the effectiveness of the recommendation, the Parker BHA® Spunbond Cartridges and Neutralite SR treatment were installed to run a side by side comparison with the paper cartridges.




  • Filter life was extended by more than two times, decreasing the need for costly baghouse change-outs.
  • Differential pressure remained consistent.
  • Production increased and maintenance was reduced by 50%.
  • After four months of testing, the paper filters were plugged and needed to be replaced, whereas the BHA® Spunbond Polyester Cartridges looked brand new.



The dust created in metalworking applications can be extensive and cause delayed or lost production and costly maintenance. Choosing high-quality filtration equipment, like BHA® Spunbond Cartridges, can prevent premature filter binding, extend the life of baghouse filters and reduce downtime and expensive maintenance.

The filter experts at Total Filtration Services have access to a complete line of Parker dust collection products as well as the expertise needed to recommend the right solutions for your most challenging applications. Contact our team today at 800-331-3118 to learn more about BHA® Spunbond Cartridges and how we can lower the total cost of ownership for your filtration!


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