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Transair Revolutionizes Compressor Room Fittings

4inch Transair Compressor Room InstallOften called the fourth utility, compressed air is widely used in most, if not all, industrial facilities. Unlike electricity, natural gas and water that is produced offsite and transported to the facility, compressed air needs to be generated on-site using electricity and an air compressor. In smaller manufacturing facilities, the air compressor might be on the shop floor or a short distance away. In medium to large facilities, the generation of compressed air happens in a designated area - the compressor room. The compressor room will house the necessary generation, treatment, and storage equipment. 


Compressor room anatomy 

The ideal compressor room contains a significant number of large pieces of equipment. For air generation, most facilities have at least two air compressors but could have more depending on the demand. For air treatment, the compressor room will have multiple filters (particulate, coalescing, water/oil separator) and a dryer. On the storage side, a compressor room should have two storage tanks, a wet and dry storage tank. These pieces of equipment can utilize a lot of space when you add in the necessary clearances for maintenance and cooling. Unless a facility is newer construction and the compressor room has been properly sized, most facilities forgo some of this equipment and keep the essentials due to space constraints. To add another layer of complexity to the space constraints, all of this equipment needs to be connected together using some form of compressed air piping. Some of the choices in compressed air piping can be bulky and require multiple fittings to make the necessary connections, which results in unique routings just to get the machinery connected. These unique routings can also cause a slew of problems. If the routings have too many elbows or tight corners, the system will suffer from pressure drop. Depending on the severity of the pressure drop, this could cause the compressor to overwork which will end up costing the facility more in electricity costs. 

The Parker Transair solution

Parker Transair has developed a group of fittings designed to resolve most of the common compressor room routing issues. Our fittings are designed to reduce the labor hours and components required for pipe installations. Like other Transair components, these fittings are reusable and interchangeable to allow for future layout modifications. Years of testing and engineering revisions ensure that every compressor room fittings meets the Transair "Full Bore" promise. "Full Bore" ensures that every Transair component will provide a steady, uninterrupted flow of compressed air from the compressor room to the point of use. Transair compressor room fittings are manufactured from the highest quality materials to enhance corrosion resistance, eliminate leaks and increase energy efficiency. 


Available compressor room fittings


Threaded Fittings

Transair NPT Threaded FittingFor threaded inlets and outlets, we suggest the use of our threaded fittings. To fit the application, Transair offers straights, 45 elbows, and 90 elbows. One end of these fittings is threaded, while the other is either our push-to-connect or snap ring connection technology. All threaded fittings are available in either NPT or BSP threads. 




Equal Y 

Transair Equal Y FittingFor replacing the traditional tee fitting at the compressor outlet, we suggest the use of our Equal Y fitting. The Y shape reduces sharp corners and promotes the smooth, laminar flow of the compressed air. Transair Equal Ys are available with either our snap ring or clamshell connection technology. 




1 Flanged Tee

Transair 1 Flanged Tee FittingTo create a bypass, we suggest the use of our 1 Flanged Tee. One end of the tee features a flange that can connect to a butterfly or ball valve and then into the storage tank. The other two ends of the flange tee connect to Transair pipe using our clamshell technology. The flanged end is available in either ANSI or ISO standard bolt patterns. 




3 Flanged Cross

Transair 3 Flanged Cross FittingFor making in-line bypasses around filter elements, we suggest the use of our 3 Flanged Cross. Three ends of the fitting feature a flange to connect to a butterfly valve, ball valve, or directly to the equipment. The fourth end connects to the Transair pipe using our clamshell technology. The flanged end is available in either ANSI or ISO standard bolt patterns. 




Flange Adapter

Transair Flange AdapterFor connections that need to be made with a flange, Transair offers flange adapters as part of our offering. Our flanges are available in either ANSI or ISO bolt patterns. The other end of the flange connects to the Transair pipe using either our snap ring or clamshell technology. 




Expanding Tee

Transair Expanding Tee FittingFor connecting the compressor room piping to the main distribution header, Transair suggests using our Expanding Tee. The tees feature one larger end and 2 smaller ends. The large end will connect to the piping coming from the compressor room and the smaller ends will connect to the main distribution header. We also suggest the use of a butterfly or ball valve at this connection for future maintenance activities. Transair expanding tees connect with either our snap ring or clamshell technology. 



End Cap w/ Plug

Transair End Cap With PlugFor draining the oil condensate that exits the compressor with the compressed air, Transair suggests the use of our end cap with plug. For the best results, the end cap should be placed and the end of the line, closest to where the pipe connects to the compressor. Transair end caps connect using our clamshell technology and feature a removable threaded plug. 





All Parker Transair components are backed with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects. To learn more about Transair, visit our website: www.parker.com/transair


Jim Tuma Author HeadshotThis post was contributed by Jim Tuma, marketing services manager, Parker Fluid System Connectors Division.






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