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Turn any Wired Sensor into a Wireless Device with a 4-20mA Transmitter

Unlock Measurements From Your 4-20mA Assets - 4-20ma image schematic - Parker Hannifin SensoNODEUnless you’re a risk-taking, daredevil type, you likely have some sort of diagnostic infrastructure in your facility. And while there’s no discounting the benefit of wired diagnostic solutions, any maintenance technician can give you a laundry list of reasons why they’re not always the most efficient solution.

If your diagnostic solutions are all wired, Parker has introduced a solution that lets you untether your monitoring device from your asset.


Go wireless with the 4-20mA transmitter

With Parker’s new SensoNODE™ 4-20mA transmitter, users can cut the cord for their wired diagnostic solution. The transmitter turns any wired sensor into a wireless device, so you can utilize your existing sensors, saving time and money. This provides a number of benefits

  • It unlocks existing measurements that are trapped in many control systems
  • Allows remote monitoring and trend graphing, as well as digital record making from a safe distance
  • Run diagnostics without halting production, resulting in more accurate readings and no loss of revenue
  • No wires mean you can fit the sensor closer to the point of interest for more precise measurements
  • Works seamlessly with Parker’s SCOUT™ Mobile application, so measurements, warnings, and alerts can be sent to a user’s mobile device

Use the internal magnet in the base of the transmitter, or the threaded stud port to mount the transmitter anywhere.

The Parker 4-20mA transmitter allows users to easily monitor any asset by turning any wired sensor into a wireless device. Find a distributor here



Unlock Measurements From Your 4-20mA AssetsDownload our New 4-20mA Transmitter Bulletin and order one for a trial run! 





Now You Can Turn any Wired Sensor Into a Wireless Device - Product Catalog - Parker SensoNODEFor comprehensive information on Parker's condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions download our product catalog.






Now You Can Turn any Wired Sensor into a Wireless Device - Dan Davis, Product Manager - Parker SensoNODEThis post was contributed by Dan Davis, product sales manager, SensoNODE Sensors and SCOUT Software, Parker Hannifin.





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