Fluid and Gas Handling

Reduce Costly Downtime in Oil & Gas Applications through Reliability Centered Maintenance

Downtime from equipment failures can cost oil and gas companies hundreds of thousands of dollars each day and pose significant risk to the safety of crew members. Systems do not break down and fail on...
on 2019, 06 03
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Surface Mining is Tough on Hose - Learn How to Extend the Life

In most types of surface mining, hydraulically powered heavy equipment is used to remove the overburden and then to extract the mineral. Many different types of equipment are used in surface mining...
on 2019, 02 20
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Rail Vehicle Design Engineers Should Know This About EN 45545

The European standard EN 45545 was introduced in 2013 with a transitional period until 2016 and raises the level of requirements to the previous national standards, which have now been withdrawn. The...
on 2018, 11 09
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Most Reliable Fitting for Rail: EO-2 Soft-Sealing Fitting for Leak-Tightness

The reliability of every component is significant for the design engineer of modern railway vehicles if they are to function smoothly in the long term. The EO-2 fitting has been extremely reliable for...
on 2018, 11 09
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Can Lighter, Greener Heavy-Duty Trucks Become a Reality?

Today, virtually everything we buy has at some point been on a commercial freight truck, traversing countries and even continents to reach us, the consumer. Commercial vehicle manufacturers are...
on 2018, 10 02
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Small Bore EXpert (SBEX) Training | Offshore Europe

Small Bore EXpert training is widely recognized in the oil and gas industry. Having the right training can vastly reduce risks such as personal injury, service downtime or environmental...
on 2018, 09 23
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How to Select Your Industrial Fitting?

In the world of low pressure circuits, the proliferation of applications has driven the development of different ranges of pneumatic and industrial fittings. This expansion offers a wider choice and...
on 2018, 06 25
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Parker OnSite Container for More Flexibility and Cost Savings

Parker Complete Piping Solutions (CPS) system saves time and costs for developing, manufacturing, installing pipe connector systems from 16-273 mm (½“-10“). The Complete Piping Solutions...
on 2018, 03 29
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A Case Study on Making the Selection of Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings Easier

Selecting the right hose and fitting combination for a hydraulic system is a critical process that is often overlooked and underestimated. Choosing the right combination is critical to the overall...
on 2017, 07 26
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Meeting Industry Standards in Rail Hose Technology and Safety | New EU Rail Standard

In 2013, a new European Rail Standard (EN45545) was introduced, requiring the use of certified hoses for rolling-stock vehicles, but also for rail track machines. As a leading rail track...
on 2017, 06 20
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Fluid and Gas Handling Technologies and Key Markets

Fluid and gas handling is the technology of directing and containing fluids and gases. Parker connectors and hoses are critical to hundreds of applications.   Key markets Aerospace Agriculture Bulk...
on 2016, 11 08
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