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Discover How to Reduce the Weight of Your Construction Machines

Construction machine at sunsetWeight is a problem because it contributes to higher energy consumption and does damage to the surrounding environment. To combat it, several weight saving methods need to be considered.

Are you thinking about the whole machine during the design process?

Whilst it may seem tempting to use as many engineers as possible when working on a machine upgrade project to benefit from a wide base of expertise, it can have a detrimental effect on the overall weight of the machine.

Upgrading a construction machine involves machine builders as well as engineers, with each one bringing their own expertise to the project - often contributing by adding pieces of equipment to the frame. This is where the problem with weight starts. Piece manufacturers are not overly concerned with the weight of the machine or how their parts work alongside others, which not only makes weight saving difficult, but because the parts do not sync with one another, even more parts are required to bridge the gap.

Rather than thinking about the machine as a whole, engineers are often concerned with their own role which may only relate to part of the machine. By using one expert, a global approach to machine upgrades can be taken, meaning every decision can be made with the overall weight in mind.

Benefits of dismantling a machine with only one expert

Metal machines parts Weight reduction is a huge challenge and in order to rise to it, the dismantling process needs a re-think. By using one expert, industries can benefit from a composite overview. This allows the expert to fully assess the challenges relating to a specific machine and then select the best equipment to solve them, whilst keeping the overall function of the machine in mind.

A single expert will result in a far more uniformed approach to dismantling and upgrading machines, helping to avoid unnecessary parts and using tailored equipment where necessary.


Key Benefits

  • Using a single expert means less time is spent on project management.
  • Allows for a full assessment of the challenges facing an entire machine rather than individual elements.
  • Equipment is chosen not just to solve challenges but to serve the overall function of the machine.
  • Using one expert allows for a weight saving approach - working to reduce the size of individual components.
  • Increases the chances of a more accessible system meaning easier maintenance and upgrades in the future.
  • Reduces future assembly time for the system.

Engineer working on a machine The current method of using numerous engineers is getting in the way of lighter machines that are more efficient and have a smaller impact on their surrounding environments. By using a single expert, not only can manufacturers save time and money, but they can future-proof their machines and ensure they are ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

In our white paper on increasing efficiency for construction machines, we set out a number of solutions to achieve safer, more energy efficient and lighter machines within the construction industry. Written by experts in the field, the solutions detail a clear path towards streamlining the dismantling process. We also take a look at other industries such as aerospace to see if plans for the machines of tomorrow are already underway.

At Parker, we believe the best way towards lighter and more efficient machines is through having a composite overview of the entire process. That is why we have set up the Genuine Parker Parts program. The unique program teams engineers from construction organisations up with a technical Parker team to ensure machine functionality is met in the best possible way, right from the initial designs all the way through to maintenance.


Download white paper


Article contributed by: Diederik Bokhove, Market Development Manager - Hose Products Division


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