Ultra Efficient Technology Featured at Power-Gen Europe 2015

Ultra Efficient Technology Featured at Power-Gen EuropeFaced with significant challenges within their power generation sectors, countries are looking for smarter energy systems and more creative renewable energy solutions at Power-Gen Europe. Systems that enhance performance, eliminate pollution and improve emissions were an important consideration for attendees. 

Parker featured its latest Energy Solutions at the 2015 Power-Gen Europe Conference and Expo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Product innovation

At the expo, Parker premiered its new ultra efficient dryer, N2 NitroDry, ideal for use in lube oil systems that use biodegradable or mineral oil. Also on display were several new Gas and Dual Fuel Engine technologies including filters, valves, and seals that enhance system performance, eliminate pollution and improve emissions.

"Parker works alongside its global customers to develop smarter energy systems and create renewable solutions.  Countries are facing significant challenges within their power sectors to accommodate demand and in order to move forward, we must engineer radically new ways of operating. Products need to be cleaner, minimizing power consumption, improving energy storage and decreasing the environmental impact. We are collaborating worldwide to modernize power plants and utilities so they can incorporate smarter, faster, lighter and greener options."

Olli Rantanen, global business development manager for the Parker Energy Team

An oil drying system ideal for power generation

Parker introduced one of these new, smarter solutions, the N2 NitroDry at Power-Gen Europe. A dryer ideal for use in lubrication systems, hydraulic applications, seal monitoring, and gear boxes, it protects the oil from deteriorating by removing water and oxygen with extremely dry and clean nitrogen gas. N2 NitroDry consumes 1.6 kVA nominal power, generates minimal heat (<500 Watt) and has an input voltage of 380-690V (50-60 Hz).

Parker offers the dryer with and without pumps and controls and in a mobile version. Additional options include an oil moisture sensor, oil condition sensor, particle counter and debris sensor. Its compact size and energy efficiency make it a powerful option for companies looking to decrease maintenance time and costs.


Alternative solutions for generators and engines

Attendees visiting the booth also learned about Parker's Gas and Dual Fuel Engine technologies. Solutions featured included:

  • pollution-eliminating Closed Crankcase Ventilation (CCV) Super Impactor 
  • new iprotect® generation of filter elements 
  • performance-enhancing CleanDiesel Coalescers and Filters 
  • natural gas treatment solutions 
  • Parker's proprietary macro-lamination technology found on the Urea Macrospray® Single-Point and Spider Nozzles 
  • complete Transair piping solutions for transferring liquids and gases in power plants


Ultra Efficient Technology Featured at Power-Gen Europe 2015 - Ureas Macrospray single-point and spider nozzles and cleandiesel coalescers and filters


"In circumstances where natural gas is advantageous both environmentally or economically, but where the supply can be interrupted or unstable, duel fuel options are becoming an important alternative for generators and engines. Parker is a leader in hydraulics, sealing and filtration, with products that promote efficiency and reliability. We work with our customers to develop new production methods like the layering capabilities in our Macrospray Nozzles with its macro-laminate stack to simplify design and extend durability. Extreme conditions, enhanced performance, easy installations and lower maintenance - our solutions help PowerGen and utilities meet their power demands and develop sustainable global options."

Olli Rantanen, global business development manager for the Parker Energy Team


Parker also offers solutions for gas turbines, internal combustion engines, and aftermarket solutions such as condition monitoring systems and piping solutions. Learn more about the latest Energy Solutions from Parker.


Ultra Efficient Technology Featured at Power-Gen Europe 2015 - Olli Rantanen- global business development manager- Parker Hannifin Energy Team Article contributed by Olli Rantanen, global business development manager, Parker Energy Team






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