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Western Canada Pressure Pumping Company Improves Reliability With PTS

Western Canada Pressure Pumping Company Improves Reliability with PTSOne of the largest pressure pumping companies, (as measured by horsepower) worldwide was having problems coming up with a way to track hydraulic hose assembly history on their coil tubing and pressure pumping equipment. This presented a challenge to them when dealing with their customers because the energy company’s primary focus is increasing safety and reducing non-productive time and environmental damage, making equipment reliability a major priority. 


Zero hydraulic hose failure goal

STEP Energy committed themselves to come up with a program that would give them zero hydraulic hose assembly failures because they determined after some extensive analysis, each occurrence can cost up to $5,000 per event, (not including loss of goodwill with operators and customers). The process started with proper documentation of all hose assemblies being installed on any piece of equipment in their fleet. The Reliability Specialist began reviewing options for a hose assembly supplier who could provide high quality, properly documented assemblies, that could be tracked throughout the life of the equipment.

After reviewing proposals from multiple suppliers, it was determined the Parker Tracking System was the best solution. CBVL, the local Parker full line distributor quickly put an implementation plan together, and with STEP Energy set up the necessary manufacturing cells and Parker Tracking System equipment. Once in place, training of all personnel on site was completed so that only certified assemblers can fabricate hoses. This initiative had immediate results reducing built in-house hose assembly failures to zero.

Looking forward, the Reliability Specialist at STEP Energy expects to utilize the Parker Tracking System in root cause analysis for any hose failure in the field. This will help them create the necessary database to make predictive maintenance decisions thereby increasing uptime.


Parker Tracking System

Western Canada Pressure Pumping Company Improves Reliability with PTS - Parker Hydraulic Hoses with PTS - Parker CanadaParker Tracking System (PTS) has been optimized for suppliers and operations within the Oil and Gas industry. What makes PTS unique is the ability to move asset records between accounts or create “Affiliate” relationships between users. Parker recognizes that a product or asset may be manufactured by one company and serviced by another. Sometimes time zones or continents separate these activities. This doesn’t mean critical digital documentation should not be shared between these organizations.


Durable metal tags and polyurethane labels can withstand the harshest environments which ensure assemblies are easily identified, improving installation time. With limited network availability in remote areas, having the Parker team ensuring all information is updated, available and easily managed is key.




Digital asset tracking

So you’ve heard of digital asset tracking and its ability to serialize parts for OEMs when they order them. What about the long-term benefit of these digital asset management programs once the products are in the field? How can maintenance teams located in remote locations make use of this technology?

One important benefit is recording and tracking key lifecycle details for each of the critical components you use.  


Western Canada Pressure Pumping Company Improves Reliability with PTS

  • Download a report like “Carfax” on every hose assembly used on a fleet of vehicles, (some coil tubing units have hundreds of assemblies)

  • Get started on scheduled service when your equipment returns to based by having ongoing access to critical parts-specific information, like component locations, performance events, maintenance needs, and service histories, in real time and on-demand. All with the right parts on hand at the right time.

  • Organized digital records with all the documentation needed with your builds, like updated parts manuals, certifications, maintenance schedules, warranties and even photographs directly tied to the components in question. 

PTS serializes and tags components for customers of all types. Tags and records are created prior to delivery, using the customer’s private label if requested, and then these records are seamlessly transferred to the customer’s PTS account.

This serialized information then serves as the foundation for a variety of components and performance-related insights customers can record and track after equipment’s put into service.

Maintenance teams benefit from PTS tags and records too. Each asset tag can be privately labeled with contact details so operators never have to question who to contact for service and exact OEM quality replacements. Should they need to troubleshoot specific components within the system or compare one assembly performance to another, PTS records can provide them with a roadmap.


Good decision

Reflecting back on their decision to move forward with the Parker Tracing System, the Reliability Specialist at STEP Energy maintains it was a good decision. 

“We are always showing our clients how we are better, and the investment into PTS is a good example of this.  The future will be on labeled equipment as all hoses and products Parker installs on our mobile equipment must be labeled. It needs to be commonplace that all our equipment comes with PTS labeling so all the end user needs to do is download the PTS app. In fact, STEP is pushing the PTS app out to all our smart devices.”

Learn more about Parker Tracking System.


Western Canada Pressure Pumping Company Improves Reliability with PTS - Joe Bianco Marketing Product Manager - Parker Hannifin CanadaArticle contributed by Joe Bianco, CFPS, marketing product manager - Oil and Gas, Parker Canada Division






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