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What Every Hydraulic System Designer Ought to Know About ISO 18752

How do hydraulic system designers benefit from ISO 18752 - family of globalcore hose - Hose Product Division EuropeManaging pressure classes, hose sizes and product uniformity in different regions can be challenging for hydraulic system designers at large, global OEM companies. ISO 18752 makes the process far easier for designers and their customers. The benefit is that the same specifications can be applied to all systems, no matter where in the world they are made or sold. This means manufacturers can be assured of receiving the same hydraulic hoses, tested to the same specifications and meeting the needs of their application globally.  

How OEMs can benefit by adopting ISO 18752 

OEMs who decided to adopt the standard can expect to gain numerous benefits financially as well as reduce engineering complexity. ISO 18752 centers around 10 maximum working pressure classes, ranging from 3.5 MPa through 56.0 MPa. Each pressure class accommodates an entire range of hose diameters. This contrasts with traditional DIN standards, which provide general, dimensional and performance specifications for the most common hoses used in hydraulic systems based on hose construction. By specifying hose based on pressure and performance, ISO 18752 streamlines the selection process, making it easier for equipment designers to find hoses for their applications. Challenges can emerge anytime and anywhere, therefore the hose solution should endure the tough conditions of the work environment. ISO 18752 simplifies the selection process by narrowing down the product range to a singular hose family based on application pressure requirements.

If the maximum requirement for an application is 21.0 MPa the user can utilize one hose family operating with a constant working pressure of 21.0 MPa across all diameters for the hydraulic system. The strict testing requirements of ISO 18752 allow users to know exactly what the hose is rated for and how it should perform while on hydraulic equipment. Hoses tested to higher impulse standards are likely to have a longer service life, which is why many users are switching to ISO standards. For instance, if you need a hydraulic hose for a severe application presenting many repeated pressure cycles in short time and long continuous service, you would select either the grade C or D hose assemblies. However, this assumption is based on the hose being correctly installed and protected from harsh environments. An important aspect of ISO standards is that they are accepted worldwide, which means wherever your hose is manufactured or purchased, you know it will be tested to the same standards. Global manufacturing standards are essential to many OEMs.

Manufacturers respond to market trends  

In response to market trends for high-pressure hoses, Parker developed the GlobalCore family of hose, which also meets ISO 18752 specifications and reduces engineering and service complexity by providing the first comprehensive product family across the most commonly used constant working pressures classes. GlobalCore includes the following hose 187 (7 MPa/1000 psi) 387 (21 MPa/3000 psi), 487 (28,0 MPa/4000 psi), 722 (28 MPa/4000 psi), 787 (35 MPa/5000 psi) and 797 (42 MPa/6000 psi) in size -4 to -48. Tested twice the ISO 18752 standard makes GlobalCore high performing in rugged environments and high-impulse applications.


Global Core Family Chart Hose Products Division Europe


Each GlobalCore hose can be ordered in a standard cover, ToughCover or SuperTough cover to prevent abrasion and extend hose life. The respective fitting series 43/48 is a is a permanent, crimp style hydraulic fitting enabling quick assembly with the Parkrimp crimpers because there is no need to remove the outer cover of the hose, eliminating premature hose failure by skiving too long or short. The 77 series fittings family is designed specifically for higher pressure applications. Parker’s worldwide reach makes GlobalCore easier to specify and source through our unrivaled distribution network of 13.000 locations globally.   

Interested in GlobalCore? To discover more visit our website, or contact us to discuss your application needs. 


Conny Stohr Hose Products Division EuropeThis blog was contributed to by Conny Stöhr, marketing services manager, Hose Products Division Europe.





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