What is an Onsite Container?

What is an Onsite Container - ParkerStore Onsite Container at mining jobsite - Parker Hannifin ParkerStoreRemote job sites typically found in mining, construction, and forestry, as well as airports and shipping ports, find that downtime is an expensive and unnecessary occurrence. Having the ability to apply preventative maintenance and repair to your hydraulic equipment at any time, is critical to site managers.

Maximize productivity

To maximize productivity, reducing the downtime associated with equipment repair or maintenance is critical. Having all the components sitting at your job site in a stand-alone container is the ideal scenario. Parker and our distributors deliver a fully stocked hydraulic workshop right to your job site. These highly efficient, container-based workshops provide all the equipment, technology, and inventory needed for on-location fabrication of hose and tube assemblies, filter components, and much more.

The program is specifically designed to support customers that have limited access to critical replacement parts due to physical (e.g., an outlying mine) or logistical (e.g., a busy airport) worksite constraints. When a new hose or tube assembly must be fabricated immediately to keep essential equipment up-and-running, ParkerStore Onsite Containers can help keep you productive and profitable. 

What's inside an Onsite Container

Onsite Containers come in two sizes, either a 20' or 40' long container and are specifically designed to withstand severe and demanding environments. They arrive at your job site with everything necessary for supporting your operation, including:

  •  Product inventory specifically tailored to your equipment and needs;

  •  Electrical and lighting;

  •  Insulation, heat and a/c units;

  •  Workbench, hose reels, and bulk fitting storage; 

  • Hose saw and crimper.

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Why work with an Onsite Container? 

  • Fast replacement of critical components, even in the most remote locations

  • Reduced equipment downtime

  • Workshop and inventory customized to suit your site’s needs

  • Option to be manned by a distributor or your own staff

  •  Access to the Parker Tracking System (PTS)

Onsite inventory management

Onsite Containers come with the backing of our global distribution and ParkerStore™ network. Beginning with delivery and installation support, through equipment training and maintenance, Parker is your go-to partner for mobile worksite solutions.

Once your container arrives, you’ll receive hands-on training on all equipment to help ensure the safety of your worksite and your workers. We're serious about hydraulic safety and can provide our comprehensive SafetyWorks training upon request.

Get an Onsite Container and relax

What is an Onsite Container? - View onsite a container of equipment  - Parker Hannifin ParkerStore

A ParkerStore™ Onsite Container will significantly reduce the time it takes to obtain critical spares or to fabricate replacement hose assemblies. Equipment and labor downtime are greatly reduced, keeping your operation up and running longer and more efficiently.

Get the peace of mind knowing that the tools and replacement parts you need are readily available. Get 24/7 access to making your own repairs. Get the support of a Parker distributor who will train and support you. And get a reliable supply of Parker replacement components specific to your job site. 

Your Parker distributor will set you up with everything needed to keep your job site running smoothly, including:

  •   A stable supply of replacement components help you to operate efficiently;

  •   A customized replacement inventory plan for your equipment;

  •   Safety training on the importance of following proper fluid power practices;

  •   Bulk hose and fittings and hydraulic assembly equipment. 


Lease or buy – just put one on your job site

Lease terms for 24, 36 and 48 months are available or purchase your container outright. Your container will be delivered and professionally set up by a Parker distributor who will cover everything necessary to support you. You’ll enjoy a customized inventory and restocking plan that’s customized to your needs so you can focus on your job and not worry about downtime.

ParkerStore™ Onsite containers are in stock and are an ideal maintenance and repair solution for mining, oil fields, offshore oil and gas, forestry, construction, marine and any other industries that can’t afford to have extended downtime. Reduce your unplanned downtime and maximize your job site profitability. Put a ParkerStore™ Onsite Container where you work.

Onsite Containers are in stock. E-mail us or contact your local Parker representative for details. Need something custom? Call 1-800 – C – PARKER (800-272-7537) and tell us about it.


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