What Will Be Trending at Society for Laboratory Automation (SLAS) Conference?

What will be Trending at Society for Laboratory Automation (SLAS) ConferenceWhat's changing at SLAS 2017 this year?

The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) is having their annual conference and exhibition in Washington D.C. from February 4th - February 8th.
Over the course of the last 6 years, the SLAS show has continued to transform as the industry transforms. Many of these transformations have been evolutionary changes, but some of these changes have been revolutionary. One of the revolutionary transformations that will be a focus at SLAS 2017 is the growth of cell processing to support biopharmaceuticals and bio-fabrication.
The development of methods of reprogramming adult cells to become de-differentiated Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) has opened up new opportunities in drug discovery, the modeling of diseases, and fabrication of tissues for transplantation. The laboratory automation community continues to work to provide product to support both the research and the early production efforts.
The inaugural SLAS show in 2012 had no real mention of cells. Compare that to this year's show, which has a tract on Cellular Technologies and a tract on Micro and Nano Technologies (specific segments of biopharmaceutical and bio-fabrication). 
Parker's presence at SLAS this year will highlight our technologies and capabilities that support the burgeoning cell processing and cell manufacturing market place. There are three main elements to our focus on the cell:

  1. Within our booth (919), we will be holding demonstrations of the Cell X 2.1 device, which is a large field of view imager that can robotically pipette cells and colonies from one well plate to another. The device also has the functionality to provide media to any of the well locations to provide cells the right environment. Schedule a meeting.

  2. What will be trending at Society for Laboratory Automation (SLAS) Conference - White Paper Cover - Parker Hannifin We are hosting Dr. George Muschler, Cleveland Clinic Orthopedic Surgeon and Director of Regenerative Medicine for an Exhibitor Tutorial at 2 pm on Monday, February 6 in Room 150B. Dr. Muschler will be speaking about the need for quantification of cell morphology, standardization of cell health metrics, and reproducibility through automation. Register for priority seating.    

  3. Our final focus on cells will be Poster Presentation 1202 on Automation of Stem and Progenitor Colony Analysis and Biopsy. Download the white paper. 

In addition to the revolutionary change that cells are bringing to SLAS, there will be continued evolutionary changes related to the three key factors of

  • Smaller
  • Faster
  • Smarter.

These three trends continue shifts in motion and control that are leading to greater levels of intelligence, integration, and power density.

As this relates to stepper motors, we continue to see the growing need for steppers to include encoders to provide for deterministic motion. Beyond encoders are the growing intelligent algorithms embedded in the controls to suppress vibration, validate and correct position errors, and eliminate stalling.

For servo technology, both direct drive and low voltage of 24 volt DC will continue to gain traction. The direct drive technology comes in the form of both rotary and linear kit motors. Both technologies allow OEMs the maximum design flexibility and provide for the greatest force density. Additionally, pre-engineered flexible modules that leverage these technologies on the inside provide for the highest throughput speeds and best precision performance on the market.

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Get additional information on the products we will be highlighting at SLAS at our solutions site. 

What will be trending at SLAS 2017 - Brian Handerhan-Electromechanical and Drives Division-Automation Group-Parker Hannifin CorporationArticle contributed by Brian Handerhan, business development manager, Electromechanical & Drives Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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