What You Should Know About Gearhead Sealing

Bacon Line - Food Processing, Getty Images - Parker HannifinApplications involving machines for gluing, fill, sealing and diverting of food containers for the food processing industry often use planetary gearheads. The motor and gearhead need to be mounted above the food plane. The gearheads often require modifications and proper sealing to make it safe in this environment, as well as making the gearhead able to withstand frequent washdowns.

Understanding gearhead sealing ratings

Do you want to understand more about gearhead sealing ratings? You’ve come to the right place. To start, gearheads are classified according to the International Protection Rating (IP Code) by the degree of protection the gearhead has against the intrusion of foreign matter. The first numeral designates the degree of protection the product has with respect to the ingress of solid objects. The second numeral designates the degree of protection the product has with respect to the ingress of water.

Sealing gearheads

Gearhead cutaway PS Gearheads - Parker Hannifin ElectromechanicalParker's helical planetary and bevel gearhead product lines (PS/PX/RS/RX/RB/RD/RT) are sealed to IP65 for complete protection against dust (dust tight) and washdown conditions (projection of water jets at a pressure of 30 kN/m^2 at a distance of 3 meters). Our PV gearheads are sealed to IP64 for complete protection against dust (dust tight) and splashing water. The spur NE product line is sealed to IP54 where ingress of dust is not totally prevented but will be fine on a machine where the ingress of dust will not be in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of the machine. As with the PV product line, it is also protected against splashing water.

You must take these ratings into account when selecting a Parker gearhead for your application. Please contact us at c-parker@parker.com with your questions if you are unsure of your requirements, or if special requirements need to be taken into account.


Check out our video overview of planetary gearheads.



Jeff Nazzaro Product Manager ElectroMechanical NA Automation Group Parker HannifinArticle contributed by Jeff Nazzaro, gearhead and motor product manager, Electromechanical Automation North America









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