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Wireless Monitoring Improves Asset Management and Patient Safety

Wireless Monitoring Improves Asset Management and Patient Safety - SensoNODEReal-time monitoring of critical parameters in health care, manufacturing and laboratory applications greatly improves efficiency and performance. For example, pressure, temperature, and humidity data can be captured and transmitted using wired sensors. These, however, have limitations, especially in challenging environments where wired sensor platforms are impractical or impossible. Wireless sensors can eliminate the constraints of traditional wired sensors, maximizing operational efficiency and decision-making.  

Advanced sensor technology

Parker’s new wireless SensoNODE sensor provides pressure, temperature and humidity measurements for a wide range of liquid and gas applications common to equipment and facility operations. These sensors transmit real-time data to wireless devices, such as an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, over distances up to 150 feet. Because they consume low amounts of energy, SensoNODE sensors operate for extended periods of time on a common coin cell battery. Other benefits of wireless monitoring include:  

  • Easy monitoring of equipment, media, and applications
  • Simple installation
  • Alert notifications and trending
  • Extended battery life
  • Highly accurate readings

Wireless sensors generate real-time data that can be utilized immediately to track performance, predict problems and prevent downtime in a variety of equipment and facility applications. This saves time and money on costly labor or repairs.

Intuitive mobile application

Wireless Monitoring Improves Asset Management and Patient Safety - SensoNODEThree different sensor options provide pressure, temperature and humidity data. This information can be accessed via an easy-to-use mobile application that connects an Apple iOS device wirelessly to one or more sensors, using auto recognition. The app also provides diagnostic tools that allow for the creation and display of trending graphs or user-defined alert notifications.  

SensoNODE wireless sensors are compatible with a wide range of liquid and gas applications in the areas of medical devices, laboratory and analytical equipment, food and beverage, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and industrial manufacturing processes. Their low power consumption and long battery life also make them a unique addition to the marketplace.

Wireless sensors allow users to gather data at various points in their devices, equipment and facilities that were previously too expensive, labor-intensive, or otherwise difficult to acquire, given the existing sensor technology base. Wireless monitoring of these parameters and transmission and analysis of the data improve efficiencies and speeds up decision-making, resulting in smoother, more reliable operations and lower costs.

To learn more, contact the Parker Quick Coupling Division, visit the Parker Low Energy Wireless Monitoring site, and view the related content below. 

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