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Wireless Remote Monitoring System Suits a Variety of Applications

low energy wireless remote monitoring - Sensonode application - Parker Hannifin Tube Fitting DivisionWhat if there was a way to significantly increase efficiency in managing your key process parameters without a hardwired system?  Wouldn’t that save your company time and money?  Consider the following: in order to measure the temperature, pressure or flow on your process line in a manufacturing facility (pharmaceutical, process, or Industrial), you send out a technician to read each meter, sensor and thermocouple and collect your process data. This info is critical for quality control and production. There is a way for a technician to walk the process line and scan each meter without stopping, and do it without a plant wiring retrofit, all while providing more accurate data.

Low energy wireless monitoring

The same question could be raised for a number of healthcare or life science industries looking for a way to monitor their inventory or areas of their facility in a way that’s both cost-effective and saves time. Parker’s innovative low energy wireless remote monitoring system can be used in a variety of applications to help companies improve their work flow efficiencies, reduce costly downtime, keep track of the conditions of the environment in which the sensor is placed, as well as provide accurate data.  

Sensonode low energy wireless remote montoring products - Parker Hannifin Tube Fitting DivisionThe system consists of a small, easy-to-install sensor designed to measure pressure, temperature and humidity. The sensor is sealed to protect it when used in environments that may face extreme temperatures or exposure to other elements. The system also includes a mobile application which can be installed on a smartphone, tablet or other connected device. When within the system’s 150-foot line-of-sight, the mobile application  will connect with the wireless sensor and provide data records, such as historical information regarding the system’s use, as well as create alerts for given specifications.


Benefits for process monitoring

Application of Sensonode in process facility monitoring with Iphone - Parker Hannifin Tube Fitting DivisionOther benefits of Parker’s low energy wireless remote monitoring system include the elimination of

  • expensive, hard-wired systems
  • the process of recording data by hand and transferring it to a computer file.

If you are interested in learning more, we invite you to visit Parker’s website for additional information on our latest technology offerings. There’s more to come over the next year in our low energy wireless remote monitoring technology, so stay tuned for further updates.

Parker's Jason Dunn, Technology Team Leader Biocare Business Unit,  was recently interviewed by Machine Design about these wireless sensors at an industry event.

You can also follow Parker’s company page on LinkedIn, Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @ParkerHannifin to keep up with the latest news regarding our wireless remote monitoring system.

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