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Wireless Transmission of Performance Data Extends Equipment Life

Wireless transmission of performance data extends equipment life - power generation smoke stacks - Parker HannifinMonitoring equipment performance is a key part of controlling costs and keeping power-generation facilities running smoothly. Field technicians record and track metrics to assess equipment performance on platforms, generation sites, hydraulic power units, etc. This is typically done with wired analytical devices or fixed-asset solutions that require bulky and often costly equipment. This equipment may also require installation and removal after measurements are taken—slowing down operations and increasing costs.

Now there is a more efficient and lower-cost solution for the power-generation industry. Parker Hannifin’s SensoNODE™ Mobile solutions sensors can be integrated into a system directly, rather than be connected through ports or taps. This provides facility managers with a wireless method for advanced condition monitoring that uses Bluetooth® Smart sensors to deliver data to many iOS mobile devices.


Innovative wireless platform

SensoNODE Mobile is a low-energy, wireless sensor platform for monitoring equipment pressure, temperature, and humidity in liquid and gas applications. This helps power-generation facilities eliminate downtime and reduce unnecessary maintenance routines with accurate and efficient equipment monitoring. This includes hydraulic power units, filtration throughout the power generation site, compressed air systems, and temperatures at chillers/dryers.  

Smart sensors are easily attached to equipment and machinery, even in the most difficult-to-reach locations. The sensors turn on with a simple twist of the signature blue cap and automatically power off after a few minutes of no connection. The feature-rich user interface is designed for use with iOS8 mobile devices and allows easy-to-use navigation.

Information is transmitted directly to a robust data platform on the user’s mobile device, which is designed to trend, assess, and monitor machine health quickly and accurately. Filtration is a good example—the state of a filter’s life can be assessed by comparing the differential pressure of the inlet to the outlet side of the filter.  Another example is measuring temperature trends for hydraulic power units—an increase in the temperature of the pump outlet can indicate the pump is losing efficiency and starting to fail. Being able to monitor equipment for performance issues and evaluate the data on-site help facilities managers identify problems early on and fix them before equipment failure occurs.


Advantages abound

Wireless transmission of Performance Data Extends Equipment LifeSensoNODE Mobile sensors are designed for fast installation without wires or tools and are powered by long-life batteries. The system is ideal for both liquid and gas applications, including compressed air systems, hydraulic systems, and power units, cooler or chillers, and nitrogen generation or supply systems. SensoNODE Mobile is also engineered to work in multiple configurations with various pressure ranges up to 5800 psi. Other highlights are:

  • The robust digital and analog interface allows users to view data in real-time

  • Real-time data transmission over distances up to 150 feet away

  • Measurement of historical data stored on the handheld device

  • User-definable alerts and alert acknowledgments maintain an audit trail

  • Highly accurate readings

  • Low power consumption delivers high battery life

Real-time monitoring of critical parameters in power generation greatly improves efficiency and performance. Wireless sensors generate real-time data that can be used to track performance, predict problems, and prevent downtime in a variety of equipment and facility applications. This saves time and money on costly labor or repairs. For example, with SensoNODE Mobile, personnel will not have to shut down a system, connect the sensor, restart the system, take the measurement, and remove the sensor. SensoNODE Mobile allows maintenance technicians to walk to a sensor, take a measurement, and then move on to the next sensor, with the data being automatically recorded.


High Strain Sensor Wins Gold at Sensors Midwest - David Shannon, business team manager, Parker Quick Coupling Division

Contributed by David Shannon, business team manager, Parker Hannifin, Parker Quick Coupling Division





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