Water Mission Provides Parker Water Purification Systems to Flood Ravaged South Carolina

WMI Provides Parker Water Purification Systems to Flood Ravaged South Carolina

Water Missions International, a non-profit organization that responds to the urgent need for safe water in developing countries and in disaster situations around the world, has deployed 2 large containerized Parker Hannifin Water Purification systems to Columbia, South Carolina to insure availability of clean drinking water for the local population effected by the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin. Devastating floods as a result of the hurricane have compromised the water supply, leaving almost 40,000 people without potable water.

The containerized Parker Hannifin Water Purification systems use the process of reverse osmosis (RO) to purify contaminated water. These systems are capable of providing up to 40,000 gallons of potable water per unit per day and are now in use in front of a large city water tower in Columbia. Contaminated water is being treated and pumped into bladder tanks to be distributed to where the need is greatest.

“A week ago it was unthinkable that people in the U.S. could get sick from a lack of safe water, but that’s the situation now, and we’re doing everything we can to get water to the people who need it,”

George C. Greene, IV, PE, President and Chief Operating Officer of Water Missions International 


Hurricane Joaquin, classified as a category 1 hurricane, has severely impacted large parts of the Bahamas and Bermuda. In addition, the storm’s weather pattern resulted in record-breaking rain and subsequent torrential flooding across North and South Carolina.  The areas around Charleston and Columbia were hardest hit.

Water Missions International and Parker Hannifin Corporation have formed a strategic partnership for filling water requirements around the world. Parker Hannifin Water Purification systems were deployed in the U.S. following Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and in the Philippines following Typhoon Haiyan in 2013.  Parker Hannifin also manufactures and supplies the hoses and fittings that allow for distribution of the water.

Parker Hannifin Water Purification systems convert seawater, brackish water or contaminated water into drinking water and are available in a wide range of sizes for a variety of applications including commercial marine, pleasure marine, drinking water, industrial and process, defense, oil and gas, land-based and disaster relief applications. Click here for more information on Parker Hannifin Bioscience and Water Filtration Division markets and products.

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Way to go water team!! Deployment in SC is great. I do miss that kind of action. Cheers

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