5 Technology Trends Behind the Top Hydraulics Blogs of 2017

6 Technology Trends Behind the Top Hydraulics Blogs of 20172017 brought about innovative new technologies that laid the foundation for the latest hydraulic systems and applications designed for construction, agriculture, mining, power generation and related markets. From smart user interfaces to load sensing valve technology to hybrid actuation systems for renewable energy applications and more, the solutions revealed in these blogs have customers documenting productivity increases, energy savings and maximized operational efficiency - both at the plant and on the job site. Learn about the key technology trends that shaped the most read hydraulics blogs in 2017.


6 technology trends behind the top Hydraulics blogs of 2017 |front shovel | Parker HydraulicsInnovative Heavy-Duty Vehicle Technology on Display at IFPE

From optimizing peak performance to minimizing unplanned downtime, the products and systems Parker showcased at the International Fluid Power Expo (IFPE) 2017 are designed specifically to help customers increase their productivity and profitability. Here is a look at some of the innovative new technologies.



6 technology trends behind the top hydraulics blogs of 2017 | human machine interface HMI | Parker HydraulicsHow Does a Smart User Interface Improve Machine Efficiency?

The manufacturing industry is currently facing increasing pressure to reform and innovate to remain viable. On the consumer side, the Internet of Things (IoT) has made smart devices available for all, and new changes and challenges of digitalisation are generating business development possibilities for industries as well. Smart IoT devices enable an industrial internet that includes analytics and user action analysis. These improve efficiency and offer new services to customers. Parker has been actively building a new presence in industrial internet platforms and ecosystems by developing a software platform for advanced and flexible user interface design.


Energy-Saving Hydraulic Systems Using Drive Controlled Pump (DCP) | industrial machinery | Parker HydraulicsEnergy-Saving Hydraulic Systems Using Drive Controlled Pump (DCP)

Modern industrial machinery is creating ever-increasing demands on hydraulics to provide more efficient and quieter solutions with a smaller footprint, while maintaining the benefits traditionally associated with hydraulic systems, i.e., high power density, precise control and enduring performance. But historically, these benefits have come with the high cost of inefficient energy allocation, heat generation, and noise. The variety of discreet components constituting each hydraulic system has complicated the challenge.


6 Technology Trends Behind the Top Hydraulics Blogs of 2017 | wind turbines | Parker HydraulicsRead This if Your Wind Turbines are Overheating

Rising temperatures - which lead to water evaporation and loss of coolants in critical wind turbine cooling systems – may cause 1.5 MW wind turbines to overheat. Fortunately, there's a solution to help keep your wind turbines running efficiently and in good working order.



6 Technology Trends Behind the Top Hydraulics Blogs of 2017 | solar wind panel | Parker HydraulicsNew Hybrid Actuation System Ideal for Renewable Energy Applications

Actuation systems must be efficient, precise, and durable enough to withstand harsh power generation environments. Parker Hannifin has developed a hybrid actuation system (HAS) that is ideal for renewable energy actuation applications, such as those used with solar panels, wind turbines, and hydroelectric dams.




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