Advantageous Series Hybrid Technology Applications

Advantageous Series Hybrid Technology Applications - Speed BoatA variety of practical series hybrid vehicles applications are currently available. Parker has partnered with customers to design light weight, efficient power conversion devices that enhance savings.

  • Speed Boat

Marine applications can also benefit from hybrid technology. Parker adapted the series hybrid design for high performance speed boats commonly used for recreational and competition water skiing. Replacing the traditional gasoline powered engine with an electric propulsion system resulted in a boat that not only uses half the fuel and produces less emissions, but runs much more quietly and efficiently. Running on batteries alone provides three hours of boating, and when supplemented with a small gas powered APU, 30 hours is achievable.

  • Transit Buses

Parker motor controllers have been successfully applied as a 250 HP main traction drive, a 60 HP generator (charging) inverter and a 2 HP blower drive on a 40 foot induction motor-powered hybrid electric bus. In this case, “off the shelf” standard drives with CAN-Open communication cards were applied. The major value-in-use here is the absence of engineering expenses, as the drive was not custom made for the application. In addition, the short lead time reduces the need for the customer to maintain inventory of hard-to-obtain or custom parts, and eliminates the need for Parker to document a special system.

  • Express Van

Standard production, Class 1 through 3, commercial vans have been converted to hybrid drive trains, increasing their efficiency while generating a return on investment for the owners from the realized fuel savings. The rugged MA3 motor controller and GVM series motor from Parker proved to be a winning combination, combining efficiency and road-worthiness. The hybrid drivetrain allowed a smaller ICE to be specified, without sacrificing performance or drivability.

  • Utility Truck

Another application example of hybrid technology is on an aerial lift truck or “cherry picker.” To reduce emissions, fuel consumption, and audible noise, a battery system is used to operate the hydraulic lift mechanism for the boom, eliminating the need to leave the combustion engine idling while workers are on the lift. In this case, the electric motor is not driving the wheels of the vehicle, but rather a hydraulic pump. A Parker inverter charges the battery (a 650 volt lithium-ion array) when the combustion engine is running, and powers the hydraulic pump from the battery when called upon. A clutch arrangement allows a single motor to power both the pump and to double as a generator. In addition, the vehicle can be “plugged in” to charge the batteries during periods of non-use. Value in use includes fuel savings, reduced emissions, and reduction of audible noise required by some communities. 

Series hybrid technology holds great promise due to its advantages of reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. By adapting proven power electronic platforms to vehicular requirements using induction or PMAC motors and generators, and highly efficient power conversion devises the value of series hybrid vehicles will continue to improve.  

Hybrid vehicle technology

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For technical details, please reference this white paper: Basic Elements of the Series Hybrid Vehicle. 


Product and solution information is also available on the Parker Hybrid and Electric Vehicle website

Advantageous Series Hybrid Technology Applications - Lou Lambruschi, Marketing Services and E-Business ManagerThis article has been provided by Lou Lambruschi, Marketing Services and E-Business Manager for Parker's SSD Drives Division.

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