Advantages of Displays in Mobile Machinery

Advantages of Displays in Mobile Machinery operator construction equipment  Electronic Controls DivisionMobile off-road machinery complexity has increased significantly over the past five years. Along with that complexity, there are higher expectations of the machine operator. Operators expect easy to access settings and configurations that provide information about machine productivity. To easily access data, the operators look for cab displays that have high-resolution full-color displays. There are several key value drivers for mobile displays that are important to consider when deciding between a traditional gauge cluster and indicator lights versus a full-color HMI screen.


Machine awareness

The more aware the operator is about the status of the machine, the more productive they can be. A machine could be less productive if the operator cannot easily determine or change the machine’s configurations. Machine configurations or settings that require a series of button pushes along with indicator lights can be confusing. If the machine configuration is set incorrectly, the machine may lose productivity and possibly could result in a lower fuel economy.  Clear text descriptions and on-screen images allow the operator to choose the correct settings to help optimize the machine’s operation.


Machine uptime

Advantages of Displays in Mobile Machinery Displays Electronic Controls DivisionOperators appreciate clear text messages and images about the machine’s status. If an operator is aware of the impending issue through a plain text notification on the screen, they can proactively plan to reduce unplanned downtime. 

More relevant information

The displays allow for multiple, dynamic screens where current and relevant information can be shown on each screen. For example, a fault condition may automatically bring up a screen with a clear text message about the fault. From the screen, the operator can scroll to an information screen or a configuration setup screen.


Operator understanding 

Messages can be displayed in multiple languages for operators to select their language to easily understand machine status.  Because the display offers options for language, there can be a one-part number for the system that can be sold globally.


Improved safety

Advantages of Displays in Mobile Machinery Korean Language Display Electronic Controls DivisionMany mobile displays support one or more cameras installed in the machine. Back-up cameras allow the operator to see blind spots when reversing.  Work areas are also viewable by cameras on the displays. The operator can see the cameras and monitor the work areas for blockages or foreign objects, and most importantly ensure worker safety in the work area.

Display screens can also function as keypads, which allow users to log into a machine before operating. This helps make sure not only that the operator is accessing the correct machine, but also can be used to automatically set the configuration parameters to match the operator skill and training level.


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Advantages of Displays in Mobile Machinery Kirk Lola Electronic Controls DivisionArticle contributed by Kirk Lola, product manager, Electronic Controls Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.






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