Air Cleaning System Improves Air Quality at a NYC Restaurant

Smoke Clears Over a NYC Restaurant - Mas (la grillade) - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionBeing a caring and responsible neighbor is always important, especially when you are a newcomer looking to make a big splash in the New York City restaurant scene and develop a faithful clientele. This was the case when Mas (la grillade) opened its doors in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. The restaurant aimed to establish hardwood grilling as a culinary art form by continuing the success of its sister restaurant, Mas (farmhouse). Mas was a success, quickly becoming one of the city’s top new restaurants, featuring delicious meals prepared over cherry, apple and oak hardwood-fueled fires. But, as the fires burned, and the customers dined, smoke billowed from the kitchen through the windows of the restaurant’s high-rise neighbors. Soon, there were concerns about air quality within the restaurant. Smoke and grease from the grills bothered employees and customers and safety became a growing concern. Let’s take a look at how Mas addressed this problem.

Smoke Clears Over a NYC Restaurant - Download the Mas (la grillade) case study - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division



For more detailed information on how Mas (la grillade) improved air quality, download the full case study.





Smoke Clears Over a NYC Restaurant - Mas (la grillade) Ovens - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionMas’ culinary niche was in the use of smoke, char, steam and grilling to prepare sustainably raised and organic foods for its patrons. They operated the equivalent of four fireplaces year-round at their location in Greenwich Village, on a busy street surrounded by high-rise apartments.

The carefully selected woods used to fuel the fires and create their dishes, emitted dense smoke from the Mas kitchen. When they realized the difficulty they would have in eliminating the smoke, Mas’ management attempted to contain it with a water bath mechanism. This method proved inadequate quickly. After just two months of operation, Mas needed a quick and effective smoke removal solution.



Smoke Clears Over a NYC Restaurant - SmogHog PSG - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionThe management team contacted Parker, a leader in clean air technology, to evaluate the situation. The Parker team of engineering experts arrived onsite quickly and assessed the situation. They proposed a rooftop installation of Parker’s SmogHog® PSG kitchen emission control system, utilizing electrostatic precipitation technology (ESP) to capture smoke, grease, and other contaminants in an aluminum collection container. The SmogHog PSG would prevent the offending smoke, grease, and odor from spreading into the neighborhood and the restaurant. 


SmogHog system features include:

  • Minimum ducting required.
  • Reduces maintenance costs - aluminum collection cells are easy to clean and reuse.
  • Environmentally compliant.
  • In-place cleaning.

Parker planned and coordinated each component of the SmogHog PSG system, preparing the necessary plumbing and electrical requirements in advance of the installation. Delivery of the system was expedited; rooftop installation was completed in less than one day and operational for dinner service. With a daily in-place cleaning option programmed to remove soot and grease from the collection cells, the SmogHog PSG ensured consistent, high-efficiency operation while delivering virtually worry-free results for the Mas owner and team. 

Smoke Clears Over a NYC Restaurant - Mas (la grillade)SmogHog Installation - Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division


“After a flawless and fast installation, the reaction of the neighbors has been immensely positive. We are all able to breathe clean air again, and for that we are extremely thankful.”
— Eric Blinderman, Mas (la grillade) owner

SmogHog PSG completely eliminated smoke emissions and odor from the Mas cooking operation and released treated exhaust air into the surrounding Greenwich Village neighborhood. Neighbors and Mas ownership were very pleased. All complaints and threats of shutting down the restaurant ceased. Mas became a safer and more pleasant place to work and dine, as the proper exhaust volume being pulled from the kitchen hoods improved the environment for employees and patrons. 

The SmogHog PSG installation is fully compliant with New York City’s air quality standards — as inspected and approved by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The SmogHog equipment is also approved by the city’s Materials Equipment and Acceptance (MEA) Agency and certified by the NYC Bureau of Electrical Control. In addition, Parker worked closely with the Fire Department of New York in 2011 to achieve the FDNY Certificate of Approval for the SmogHog PSG, making it a preferred choice for restaurants throughout New York City. 

Smoke Clears Over a NYC Restaurant - Download Mas (la grillade) Case Study- Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation DivisionTo learn the installation details and about SmogHog PSG kitchen emission control system, download the case study.


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