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An Easy, Safe, Single Connection Solution for Multiple Hydraulic Lines

An Easy, Safe, Single Connection Solution for Multiple Hydraulic Lines Parker's Purpose Statement Quick Coupling DivisionOEMs that produce machinery for such industries as agriculture, oil and gas and construction invest heavily in the development of products that are rugged, reliable and easy to maintain. These characteristics are most often the cornerstone of a manufacturer’s most valuable asset—brand image. Additionally, these qualitative factors are key in the decision by customers to select one brand over another. With productivity and revenue on the line, equipment owners expect peak performance from even the most vulnerable components—components such as hydraulic connections.

Any equipment’s hydraulic system is, by nature, highly complex due to numerous component parts and multiple connection points. Complex systems need to be designed for users to easily diagnose and address problems. The advent of the multi-coupler has greatly simplified the connection process by reducing the complexity of multiple hydraulic lines into one, simple access point. Not only is the multi-coupler more streamlined and efficient, it also offers a clean connection, which means no leaks or spills. This way, Parker is helping operators minimize their environmental footprint by preventing leakage and increasing efficiency.


Meeting the needs of the agricultural industry

An Easy, Safe, Single Connection Solution for Multiple Hydraulic Lines - Ag -Combine - Parker Hannifin Our engineers’ innovative designs have long served the agriculture industry with its first single-point connection to mate both hydraulic and electrical lines on tractor implements and harvesters. Today, even routine procedures such as removing an implement from a tractor and replacing it with another (removing a loader prior to mowing) require a number of vital disconnections and reconnections to take place. In the case of the hydraulics, where there are multiple lines to manage, there are always risks such as an inaccurate connection, leakage or contamination—all of which can lead to downtime, safety issues and mechanical failure. The Multi-Coupling System has brought a whole new level of efficiency to farmers around the world.


Streamlining the process

An Easy, Safe, Single Connection Solution for Multiple Hydraulic Lines - Installation Multicoupler- Parker Hannifin At Parker, we’ve developed an innovative system that provides a streamlined and efficient connection that combines multiple couplings into a single connection point for easier connection and disconnection. With a simple, single motion using an ergonomic lever, an operator can easily connect and disconnect multiple hydraulic lines simultaneously—no additional tools needed. Whether making a routine implement change or an in-field repair, our Multi-Coupling system not only saves valuable time, it makes the entire procedure safer.

Engineered for intuitive operation, the multi-coupling reduces human error and provides mistake-proof connections that prevent crossed hydraulic lines and assure consistent proper connections. The inconvenience of leakage during disconnection/reconnection is virtually eliminated—protecting both the operator and the environment. When in operation, the multi-coupling features a safety lock keeping the connection secure.

Another Parker Multi-Couplings advantage? This simplified connection process eliminates in-depth hydraulic system knowledge improves “ease of use” for the operator—key selling points for any manufacturer.


Pro features for personal-use equipment

OEMs producing equipment for the subcompact tractor market have also turned to Parker for high-quality multi-couplings. By partnering with Parker, manufacturers are able to deliver pro-level, single-point connection advantages to personal-use equipment users, bringing a new level of reliability, efficiency and safety to the small acreage environment.

"Equipment operators should be able to use these machines without having to invest the time into understanding hydraulic circuits and the intricacies of how it all works. A multi-coupling enables the person to simply plug it in, operate a single lever and they're done."

Paul Lemay, engineering manager, Quick Coupling Division, Parker Hannifin 


Custom-designed to meet the needs of OEMs

An Easy, Safe, Single Connection Solution for Multiple Hydraulic Lines - Parker Multicoupler white background - Parker hannifin

With equipment technology and functionality constantly evolving, we are uniquely positioned to help manufacturers meet the challenges that these innovations may present.

Our Multi-Couplings are designed and produced to meet the exact needs of OEMs including multiple hydraulic lines, size options, and special accommodations for electrical connectors. Additional options include larger couplings sizes, system operating pressures up to 4,000 psi, as well as locking and dust protection options.

Our engineering team works with each manufacturer to enhance equipment functionality, bringing value to both the OEM and the end customer.


Our six-step comprehensive and collaborative process ensures quick development and helps to accelerate the speed to market for equipment manufacturers:

  1. Collaboration to identify critical needs: Our design and engineering teams work closely with customers to determine the best connection solutions.
  2. Whiteboard concept sketches: We go to work creating concepts that will provide customers with the details of the coupler’s design, components and functional capabilities.  
  3. Rapid prototyping: Once a design is agreed upon, we quickly create a functioning prototype.
  4. Proof of concept: The prototype is put to the test, determining how it performs in a ‘working’ environment.
  5. Refine the design: If necessary, any anomalies in the prototype are corrected through design revisions. Final testing is completed.
  6. Production/manufacturing: The product is manufactured and sent to the customer for installation.


Partnering with Parker

Partnering with Parker’s Quick Coupling Division gives OEMs access to the largest manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic quick couplings. We provide innovative solutions to many of the most recognizable brands. Our state-of-the-art assembly cells feature new technologies and automated mistake-proofing systems with integrated in-line leak testing. Comprehensive assessments and industry-leading manufacturing capabilities ensure a consistently reliable product delivered to each customer. For more information on the depth and breadth of quick couplings available, visit our website.


An Easy, Safe, Single Connection Solution for Multiple Hydraulic Lines Lori Aus Quick Coupling DivisionArticle contributed by Lori Aus, senior product sales manager, Quick Coupling Division, Parker Hannifin.





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