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Avoiding Corrosion Offshore

Oil and Gas Process Control Instrumentation - Parker Hannifin NORSOK M650 CertificationIf you are an instrumentation engineer designing systems for offshore oil and gas platforms, you don’t need us to tell you about corrosion damage. It’s a huge and well recognised problem, especially for projects with very long lifecycles. In fact, you may already be specifying instrumentation components manufactured from 6Mo to help circumvent the issue. But this does not necessarily guarantee maximum long term performance.

What’s wrong with 6Mo?

Absolutely nothing. It provides unsurpassed corrosion resistance and is ideal for applications in harsh, high salinity environments. Providing that none of the processes involved in creating the alloy, or manufacturing components from it, has affected its properties. And therein lies the problem.

Research by the Norwegian petroleum industry found that although the existing international standards for 6Mo defined appropriate processing methods for the manufacture of pipes, these methods were not suited to the production of small bore instrumentation components such as fittings, valves and manifolds. The outcome was NORSOK M-650 – a standard which lays down stringent quality specifications for specialist alloys such as 6Mo, and verifies that a company has the expertise and equipment to manufacture reliable products from these materials.

So how do I specify the best type of 6Mo?

Simple. Make sure that your supplier complies with the NORSOK M-650 standard for production of 6Mo parts. This in turn ensures that they source raw material from a company that also meets the standard.

All 6Mo versions of Parker's small bore instrumentation products, including A-Lok two ferrule fittings, now comply with the NorSOK M-650 standard. For instrumentation products, Parker pioneered NORSOK M-650 compliant 6Mo instrumentation components and was first to market with a comprehensive range of valves, manifolds, tubes and fittings that meet the standard.


Fig 1. All 6Mo versions of Parker’s small bore instrumentation products, including A-LOK two ferrule fittings, now comply with the NORSOK M-650 standard.


Parker's Instrumentation Products Division recently modified its 6Mo manufacturing processes, test methods and quality management systems to comply with the requirements of NORSOK M-650. Although the new manufacturing process is patent pending and commercially confidential, it involves special treatment stages that guarantee the quality and consistency of the raw material. The entire process is defined in a new ESSM  standard code held by Parker, which is referenced in the Qualification Test Record (QTR) verifying that the company fully complies with the NORSOK M-650 standard for production of 6Mo parts.

Long term corrosion prevention

NORSOK M-650 compliant 6Mo instrumentation products are undoubtedly a powerful ally in the ongoing battle against corrosion. If you are designing systems that contribute to the safety, reliability and 40-year operational life of offshore platforms, NORSOK M-650 compiant products should be your preferred choice. Learn more about be your preferred choice.

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Parker will present piping solutions and its wide range of filtration and instrumentation products.

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