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Cloud-based Solutions for Monitoring Machine Performance

Cloud-based Solutions for Monitoring Machine Performance - Computer Station SensoNODEIn the vast universe of manufacturing, machine performance is often the difference between a delay and on-time delivery; downtime and productivity; profit and loss. Ensuring peak performance out of each machine requires diligent monitoring and data gathering. This allows for early intervention when a problem is detected that would negatively affect productivity. At most plants, this critical data continues to be gathered by machine operators or engineers, either through a time-consuming manual or semi-manual process using paper. The information is seldom uploaded to a computer for analysis. However, this is a marked improvement of how it was done twenty years ago, but still requires time and manpower while raising the possibility of human error.


Condition monitoring tools

These monitoring methods are rapidly morphing to a digital, platform-based model. This digital transformation is being achieved through the Internet of Things (IoT) and full-factory, across-the-board connectivity. Using intelligent, networked equipment means data can come directly from the machine, eliminating human error entirely. Plus, valuable personnel hours will no longer be spent manually collecting data and entering it into a computer. How is all of this information gathered and where is it stored? ‘The cloud.’

As is the case with many other business data storage and access systems, the cloud provides an unparalleled advantage to the continuous machine monitoring process. Unlike complex on-premise connectivity, worldwide cloud connectivity only requires access to the internet.


Cloud-based advantages

Cloud-based continuous condition monitoring allows for more rapid flow of information, automatically sending alerts when process conditions are changing. Data can now be gathered from processes and components through a variety of manufacturers.

Cloud-based Solutions for Monitoring Machine Performance - SensoNODE Gold The ease of installation, operation and the decreasing price have expanded the implementation of cloud-based condition monitoring on plant floors across the entire manufacturing spectrum. Now, users can easily visualize data from any internet-connected device—laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Advantages? Speed, reliability and accuracy.


The Parker solution

Parker's cloud-based condition monitoring solution is ideal for accurate and reliable data gathering for predictive maintenance solutions. Designed with accuracy and efficiency in mind, Parker’s sensors are engineered to work in perfect harmony with the company’s proprietary software.  SensoNODE™ Sensors and Voice of the Machine™ Software are deeply rooted in IoT, giving users an advanced solution that is fundamentally transforming operational efficiency.

The innovative SensoNODE Gold Sensors coupled with Voice of the Machine Cloud Software utilize cloud technology to monitor machines continuously and remotely. With a web-based platform, users can get data from anywhere, anytime. This capability reduces risk, maintenance and unplanned downtime; uncovers operational and performance improvements, and allows for more informed process decisions.


Why Parker’s Voice of the Machine Software?

Voice of the Machine powers Parker’s IoT cloud solutions and ensures data is being generated on dozens of critical parameters of your operation. With Voice of the Machine, customers are assured of component-level IoT that is interoperable, secure, scalable and readily available on any computer or mobile device connected to the internet.

Widgets are utilized for data visualization. Dashboards are used to view both live and historical data reports over a preconfigured time period. Live monitoring displays real-time data in the cloud, providing insight into how the machine or process is operating at the moment.

The advantages of this solution include:

  • Easy setup and use

  • Easy-to-use web-based interface

  • No software to download or update

  • Alert notifications via email, text or in-system

  • Customizable alerts, trend charts, and visualizations

  • Review of data anywhere, anytime and make better decisions

  • Improvement of safety

  • Measurements without interrupting production

  • Monitoring of more assets and processes with less staff


Full-spectrum condition monitoring

Cloud-based Solutions for Monitoring Machine Performance SensoNODEGold Quick Coupling DivisionParker’s SensoNODE Gold Sensors are designed to monitor the most critical conditions that affect machine performance: vibration, pressure, temperature, humidity, strain, and current. An analog 4-20mA output transmitter is included to transmit data on anything that is not covered by native sensor offerings.

Vibration: Parker’s SensoNODE Vibration Sensors provide a simple and effective way to measure the vibration of industrial machinery—often the first indicator of an equipment problem. Sensors can easily be attached to any type of equipment to monitor vibrations in even the most difficult-to-reach locations.

Pressure: Critical to the process and quality control in industrial machinery. Each piece of equipment is dependent on specific parameters and appropriate measurements to ensure functionality and stability.  SensoNODE Pressure Sensors meet the challenge of detecting pressure fluctuations.

Temperature: For equipment to operate at peak performance in a safe manner, temperatures must align with machine requirements and production standards. SensoNODE Temperature Sensors monitor anomalies that may lead to unnecessary downtime, increased maintenance costs and lost production.

Humidity: As temperature increases, so can the amount of relative moisture present in the air. It’s critical that machines and processes maintain optimum temperature and humidity levels to ensure peak performance and longevity. SensoNODE Humidity Sensors accurately measure these levels and also display dew point values.

Strain: SensoNODE strain sensors offer the ability to monitor industrial equipment and processes for excessive strain or displacement. These soft, thin, conformable devices can take accurate measurements and readings while being strained up to 100 percent for millions of cycles.

Current: As electrical componentry within machinery takes wear, the power consumption will typically increase. With SensoNODE current sensors, the current amperage can be continually monitored to determine which machines may need maintenance.

4-20mA Transmitter: If there are any other parameters not covered by the standard offering of the SensoNODE Gold product line, there is an option to tie in other sensors.  As long as the sensor has a 4-20mA output option, it can be connected with a transmitter to create a wireless signal.


Facilitating the digital transformation

As a leader in cloud-based machine condition monitoring, Parker is helping industrial and commercial organizations make the digital transformation to the Internet of Things (IoT) and full-factory connectivity.

View more information about Parker’s complete line of condition monitoring products.


Cloud-based Solutions for Monitoring Machine Performance Westin Siemsglusz This article contributed by Westin Siemsglusz, IoT market sales manager, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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