Compact Dust Collector With TotalPleat™ Sees Long Life Over OEM Filter

New BHA® TotalPleat™ Filter Delivers Longer Life Than OEM Cartridge - filter installation - Parker HannifinThe quest for compact dust collectors in the industrial manufacturing arena has led to the increased use of filter cartridges. Among these dust collectors is one developed by a manufacturer using PowerCore® filter cartridges. When filtering dust that doesn’t easily release from the filter media, cartridges often plug and restrict airflow. Soon, several customers and operators of these smaller dust collectors found themselves dealing with filter issues and contacted Parker for a solution.

The innovative TotalPleat™ aftermarket replacement filter was developed to fit Donaldson PowerCore® CP filter part numbers P032358-016-340 and P280356-016-340. The proprietary MERV 15 filter provides numerous improvements and advantages over the OEM filter. 


New BHA® TotalPleat™ Filter Delivers Longer Life Than OEM Cartridge - download the smart brief - Parker Hannifin



Download your copy of the TotalPleat™ Smart Brief Success Story.





The design

Our engineering team used advanced engineering tools, computational fluid dynamic modeling, and 3D printing to design a filter cartridge that can handle more demanding conditions. Innovations like our louvered grid on top of the filter not only more evenly distribute the cleaning air but also serves as a handle for cartridge removal and ASHRAE 199 testing validated the new design. 


The installation | case study

After extensive analysis, laboratory, and beta-site testing, some of the first BHA® TotalPleat™ cartridges were installed in September of 2019 in a collector in the southeast United States. The collector, on top of a cement loadout silo, is in plain view of the adjacent interstate and visible dust emissions would attract immediate attention. 

With the new TotalPleat™ cartridges, a remote monitoring device was installed to track the collector’s performance. As of December 2020, there had never been any visible emissions from the TotalPleat™ filters and differential pressure has been excellent (see chart on page 2 for the dp trend).

Application details

The cement dust filtered by the TotalPleat™ cartridges has more moisture than normal, can be sticky, and harden on the filter media when the moisture condenses. The intermediate use of this collector favors condensation and moist dust. To avoid excessive dust buildup, the cartridges are cleaned continuously during collector operation. Off-time, the time between pulses is 23 seconds and results in one complete cleaning cycle every three minutes. The continuous cleaning requires a tough filter media to withstand the high number of impacts generated by the pulse valves. By December 2020, the cartridges had received over 45,000 pulses, there are no emissions and the differential pressure is still quite low, overall: very good.


New BHA® TotalPleat™ Filter Delivers Longer Life Than OEM Cartridge - differential pressure tests - Parker Hannifin



A year-plus after installation and without any maintenance, the TotalPleat™ filters are still running strong while the original OEM cartridges had emission and pressure drop problems within the first three months of operation. In several instances, TotalPleat™ life has quadrupled compared to the OEM cartridge, as reported by customers.

What is noteworthy is that during the first days of operation, the TotalPleat™ filters were slightly damaged because the header pressure for the pulse valves was accidentally set to 100 PSIG instead of 60 PSIG. This has not caused any operational issues or emissions and speaks well for the robust new design. 


Why do the TotalPleat™ filters perform better?

New BHA® TotalPleat™ Filter Delivers Longer Life Than OEM Cartridge - TotalPleat - Parker HannifinPleated filters and cartridges pack a lot of filtration surface into a small space. This results in narrow gas passages that get clogged by sticky dust. Optimizing pleat geometry to balance filtration area, gas velocities, and dust release was key to the advanced performance of the TotalPleat™ cartridge. The louvered grid improved cleaning efficiency by properly distributing the cleaning energy to the entire pleat pack. That is why BHA® TotalPleat™ has longer filter life and the ability to better discharge the accumulated dust. The TotalPleat™ filter cartridges are a direct replacement for the Donaldson PowerCore CP filter part numbers P032358-016-340 (MERV 13) and P280356-016-340 (MERV 15). TotalPleat™ cartridges are completely incinerable.




New MERV 15 Dust Collector Filter Delivers Longer Life Than OEM Cartridge - Download smart brief - Parker HannifinDownload your copy of the TotalPleat™ Smart Brief Success Story.



This blog was contributed the Filtration team, Parker Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division.

Powercore® is a registered trademark of Donaldson Company, Inc.


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