Does Digital Transformation Necessitate Cross-Functional Collaboration?

Does a Company’s Digital Transformation Necessitate Functional Collaboration? | Manufacturing Plant | Parker IoTAs we are amidst Industry 4.0 and manufacturing’s digital transformation, companies both large and small are grappling with an array of new ways to conduct their business. As is the case, many manufacturers are reacting—instead of being proactive—as paradigms for asset management and interactions with customers and suppliers shift.

Manufacturers have been working to adjust to all the possibilities of optimized production and connected devices through condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and asset tracking. But—it has not always been clear to functional stakeholders and users what to do with the ever-increasing silos of data now available.


What is the digital transformation strategy for your company?

What current and future customer use cases should you be envisioning today to improve your customers’ experience? Who in your organization should be involved in shaping those experiences? If the roadmap is not quite mapped out, it’s never too late to get that conversation started!

Does a Company’s Digital Transformation Necessitate Functional Collaboration? | Download eBook | Parker IoTDownload our eBook, Voice of the Machine: Manufacturing's Digital Transformation for an in-depth look into building a cross-functional strategy with stakeholders that are connected to the process—and outcome for deployment.




A culture of silos has no place in a digital transformation

Going digital affects too many aspects of an organization, often in ways that only become apparent later. The decision to move into this realm requires a clear-eyed assessment of where your business is now, and where you want it to go, with collaborative input from everyone whose functional experience could be altered as a result of that transformation.

For example, if your responsibility is to ensure the highest level of uptime and safe operation for an entire manufacturing organization of factory assets, you know it would be valuable to have parts and components in that equipment enabled to alert you when service or replacement is needed. So you would want to be sure that the company was selecting a parts supplier with the ability to design, manufacture, integrate, and easily service such components with the IoT connectivity built-in.


Becoming part of an ongoing cross-functional conversation

Procuring the solution is just the beginning. Ask yourself:

  • What about managing the never-ending data stream created because of liberating the information contained within the now-intelligent parts?

  • Can you integrate it with other databases to generate insights and drive value?

  • What about data security and privacy?

  • Do you have people with the right skills working for you now?

  • Can they be trained, or should new talent be recruited?

  • What about paying for all of this?


These questions and many more inform what should become part of an ongoing cross-functional conversation within your company. The idea of 24/7 connectivity can be very appealing, but the key to success is having a well-thought-out strategy to tie connected products to your specific core business and deliver those solutions to the end-users who can benefit from them. That only comes from having a diverse group that is well informed and connected to the process because its members fully appreciate the stake, they have in it. 

Engaging expertise across your company can be a nuanced process of change management. This can mean engaging and collaboration across all functional teams and stakeholders, including the critical team members that work closely with your customers. Providing the support they need to achieve alignment means something different to each of those functions. And, delivering on the promise of true collaboration requires a high degree of transparency up, down, and across the organization.


Does a Company’s Digital Transformation Necessitate Functional Collaboration? | Download eBook | Parker IoTDownload our eBook, Voice of the Machine: Manufacturing's Digital Transformation for a roadmap to achieving the Internet of Things ROI, and a foundation for your company's growth into Industry 4.0 manufacturing. 


Leading with purpose

After more than a century of experience serving our customers, Parker is often called to the table for the collaborations that help to solve the most complex engineering challenges. We help them bring their ideas to light. We are a trusted partner, working alongside our customers to enable technology breakthroughs that change the world for the better


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