Electrification Lightens the Load in Heavy Lifting Tasks

 Electrification Lightens the Load in Heavy Lifting Tasks Material Handling Motion Systems Group EuropeA project involving a Parker EHPS (Electro Hydraulic Pump System) has underlined the significant advantages of adopting the latest electrification technologies as opposed to traditional industrial combustion engine (ICE)-driven systems for mobile heavy lifting applications. The project, conducted in partnership with a leading global OEM, showed how real-world challenges faced by all design engineers – reducing costs, increasing operational efficiency and protecting the environment – can be overcome.

The key point of note here is that developing the EHPS met an elementary industry need for decoupled loads and power distribution. A design concept of this type delivers better engine management, as energy storage and recovery functions form a key part of the overall solution. The system can be sized according to specific requirements, providing power on demand, eradicating waste and allowing for capturing returned energy when lowering the load. Contrast this to an ICE, which in heavy lifting applications is sized for peak energy demand and offers no energy storage or recovery capabilities, and the benefits are clear.

The opportunity for OEMs in the mobile machinery arena (and their end users) is significant, especially as an integrated solution such as the Parker EHPS can provide energy cost savings of circa 30% and up to 50% in some applications.

With regard to this specific project, development began back in 2012, with the first prototype emerging two years later. By 2016, Parker’s facility in Warwick had the project ownership and delivery responsibility transferred over. The first orders arrived in December of that year.

 Electrification Lightens the Load in Heavy Lifting Tasks Electrification Motion Systems Group EuropeBreaking it down in engineering terms, the solution relies on an inverter-driven electro-hydraulic pump sub-system to deliver the lift-lower and telescope functions and enable energy recovery as materials descend under gravity. The IQAN control system and embedded Parker-derived software provide the system function and operational interface, while peripheral manifolds and system components facilitate important services in the wider hydraulics. 

A key point is that by working in partnership with the OEM, Parker could validate in real-life the capabilities and savings possible with EHPS. In short, it could be proven that significant fuel savings would be achieved, while productivity gains with quicker responses in lifting, lowering and driving, were also demonstrated.

Since installation on the vehicle, the OEM reports it is expecting CO2 emissions to be reduced by up to 100 tonnes based on an annual running time of 5000 hours, providing yet another major benefit to the adoption of the system.

Ultimately, a decoupled solution like the EHPS offers a variety of critical benefits to those in the process of developing electric solutions, not least the opportunity to use a smaller ICE, or even eliminate it altogether. And that’s not forgetting gains relating to energy recovery, power on/off demand and the operation not being dependent on the ICE speed, or torque for that matter. 

Learn more about Parker’s EHPS solution.

Electrification Lightens the Load in Heavy Lifting Tasks Ciprian Ciuraru Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division EuropeArticle contributed by Ciprian Ciuraru, project manager, Mobile Hydraulic Systems Division Europe, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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