Electromechanical and Drives Technology - A Look Back on 2019

Electromechanical and Drives Technology - A Look Back on 2019 + VFD and Compressor + Electromechanical and Drives DivisionThanks to our loyal followers for all of the interest in the topics covered in this blog over the past year. In examining the most-read blog posts over the course of 2019, it becomes obvious that there is quite a diversity of products under the electromechanical umbrella, but the common threads of precision, innovation and purpose tie them all together. 


Thought leadership

Energy savings, an important initiative for now and the future, was highlighted in two top posts: 5 Reasons to Control Your Compressor With a VFD and How VFD Technology on Hydraulic Power Units Helps Improve Performance.


The new and rapidly growing field of mobile electrification was covered in Series Hybrid Vehicle System Design.


Providing advice for selecting the right components for a great system was found in three posts:

Selecting The Right Drive Train Technology for 3D Systems

Struggling To Find the Right Encoder Feedback 

Putting It All Together: Choosing a Fastening Method


Social engagement

Electromechanical and Drives Technology - A Look Back on 2019 + Electric Motorcycle + Electromechanical and Drives Division2019 saw some impressive growth in social media interaction. Our most popular platform remains the Parker Electromechanical Technology Showcase on LinkedIn, which attracted many new followers in the past year. Popular posts covered a variety of topics including motorcycle racing, featuring an electric bike powered by our GVM motor, participation in a number of industry trade shows including our first Cybershow, and shared content from our Parker Distributors. Please follow us and feel free to share and comment - and don't forget, we are also on Twitter @ParkerElectro


New products

The past year also included some new product announcements, like extended power range for the AC30 VFD, now available through 600 HP, new PAC and PACIO accessories, and most recently the availability of the ACR7000 multi-axis motion controller. 

Electromechanical and Drives Technology - A Look Back on 2019 + Trade Shows + Electromechanical and Drives DivisionParker sees its purpose as a platform for growth, change and positive impact to the world. As we enter 2020, watch for more new innovative solutions from the Electromechanical & Drives team as we focus on these values and on engineering your success.






Lou Lambruschi - marketing services manager EMD-NAThis article was contributed by Lou Lambruschi, marketing services manager, Electromechanical Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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