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Filtration Technologies and Key Markets - Over-sized truck - Parker Hannifin

Parker Filtration offers system solutions for the removal of contamination from liquids and gases, ensuring optimal performance for many applications and markets including industrial, food and beverage, bioprocessing and pharmaceutical, mobile and marine, and aerospace. Contamination can result in downtime, system failure, poor product quality and more. Parker Filtration provides economical solutions to protect systems from the harmful effects of contamination.

Key markets

Transportation and Mobile Equipment - Innovation at work on and off the road

Ensure that the fuel, oil and air utilized by your equipment will enhance performance, protect critical components, and preserve the environment. Our filtration solutions are lightweight, cleaner and smaller, and deliver over the long haul.

Aerospace - Off the ground on time and safely back

Parker filtration solutions enhance fuel handling, ground support, on-board equipment performance and maintenance to help keep aircraft safely in the air. Filtration Group engineers work closely with aviation customers and the Parker Aerospace Group to develop innovative filtration solutions.

Marine - Don’t leave port without us

When out at sea, effective and safe operation of your marine vessel is mission critical. Whether you need filtration for workboats, leisure, commercial or defense, count on Parker Filtration to bring you home safely.

Oil & Gas - From exploration to productivity and purity

To keep the pipeline full, Parker filters keep production equipment operating efficiently during upstream extraction phases. These systems are built to work in harsh offshore environments and will continue to protect product purity as oil and gas pass through the midstream and downstream phases of product transport and distribution.

Power Generation & Renewable Energy - Keeping contamination under control

Whether it’s fossil-fueled utility power or wind-powered renewable energy, lubrication and cooling of rotating components, transformers and other systems depend on Parker filters to keep fluids clean for optimum performance and minimize maintenance in equipment that’s often hard to reach.

Industrial & Plant Equipment - Don’t start the shift without us

With the most advanced and complete line of pneumatic, hydraulic, lube oil, coolant, industrial air and water filtration products, Parker protects your production schedule. When you need to produce to demand, call on Parker.

Life Sciences - For critical healthcare

Leading drug manufacturers, hospitals, and medical equipment operators depend on Parker life science filtration, compressed air treatment, and gas generation systems when purity and health are an absolute must.

Food, Beverage & Drinking Water – Bring flavor, freshness and purity to the table

Clean and pure ingredients contribute to the quality of the end product, whether it’s potato chips, pinot grigio, or water. The result is higher yields, fresher products and more satisfied customers.

Key products

  • Analytical gas generators
  • Aviation fuel filters
  • Compressed air & gas treatment solutions
  • Engine fuel, oil, air & CCV filtration systems
  • Fluid condition monitoring systems
  • Hydraulic & lubrication filters
  • Instrumentation filters
  • Liquid, air & gas filters
  • Membrane & fiber filters
  • Nitrogen & hydrogen generators
  • Sterile air filtration
  • Water desalination and purification filters & systems


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