Five Great Applications for Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Servo Motors

Five Great Applications for Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Servo Motors - PM-DD - Electromechanical and Drives DivWith its high power density and flexible mounting capabilities, permanent magnet direct drive servo motors like the Parker PM-DD series have a proven track record in many manufacturing applications. Let's take a look at five successes spanning various industries.


Vertical lathe 

As the world's communications infrastructure continues to grow and evolve, the demand for fiber optic cable has been increasing. With Parker distributor Cross Automation in Charlotte NC, we were able to provide PM-DD motors for a vertical lathe, used to dispense glass for fiber optic wiring. The combination of smooth low-speed operation, compactness, and the ability to mount directly to the rotating shaft made the PM-DD a winner over standard servo motors. 


Machine tool 

Machine tools demand accuracy, and in the second case study, the task at hand was to repeatedly index a table that was three feet in diameter. With displacement occurring 1.5 feet (457 mm) away from the motor centerline, its high resolution (20 bit) absolute encoder was critical to the application. Thanks to the PM-DD's high load carry bearings, (1500 N in this case) where previously a conventional servo motor and worm gear solution was used, the PM-DD proved to do the job while eliminating the worm gear. The drive train was simplified and ongoing maintenance associated with the mechanical gearing was eliminated. This solution was sold by Faber Associates, Parker distributor based in Clifton NJ.


In-Plant automotive assembly

Five Great Applications for Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Servo Motors - image of factory floor - Electromechanical Drives Div ParkerAutomotive assembly is a rigorous application with hundreds of interdependent operations, all of which must function reliably, at the risk of costly downtime. A rotary table was used in the operation of adjusting vehicle headlights. Simplicity and high positioning resolution were the main factors leading to the adoption of the PM-DD in an application solved by Parker distributor Reco-Wesco from Indianapolis. Being able to mount the motor directly to the table eliminated the need for multiple mechanical components that would have required maintenance and been a potential failure mode.


In-Plant automotive testing 

Automotive industry testing applications often duplicate real-life scenarios that the finished vehicles will be exposed to, but must take into account the worst-case situations. In this case, the PM-DD motor was used for an electronics test bench. Part of a multi-axis assembly, the test bench would simulate the rough vehicle road conditions, including a rollover, that the electronics might be subjected to. PM-DD was preferred over a standard servo motor due to its smooth, slow speed, operation, good bearing support and high torque.  This solution was sold by Parker distributor  RSA of Fond du Lac WI.


Indexing table 

The fifth and final application was in the life sciences field. A PM-DD motor was used for an indexing table that carried five stations to support the assembly of medical devices. The first station was to load the part, second applied adhesive, third was for UV curing of the adhesive, fourth was inspection and fifth was where the part was unloaded. In this case, the PM-DD replaced a pneumatic indexing table. Key to its success was a smooth start and stop operation versus the previous pneumatic solution. Also, the PM-DD with Parker P-Series Drive allowed for a variety of indexing locations to be programmed providing more flexibility than a more traditional rotary indexing table. This solution was provided by Automation Incorporated, a Parker distributor out of Minneapolis MN. 


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Five Great Applications for Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Servo Motors - Jeff Nazzaro - Electromechanical and Drives Div

Article contributed by Jeff Nazzaro, gearhead and motor product manager, Electromechanical & Drives Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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