Global Reach Expanded with Around-the-Clock Service and Pooling Centers

Global Reach Expanded with Around-the-Clock Service and Pooling Centers - response center image - Parker AerospaceParker Aerospace has unveiled its global customer response center (CRC) which provides a full range of business and technical customer services to its aftermarket customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.    

The creation of the CRC was benchmarked against leading CRCs within and outside of the aerospace industry – the result is a set of processes and response standards that are adapted from best-practice approaches. Beginning with a soft opening in October of 2015, the CRC has a dedicated call center providing help by phone and live chat. In addition to key account managers and customer-facing engineers, this center provides another layer of support for customers to place an order, check on status, or get technical support at any time, no matter where they are in the world. 


Online chat service unveiled

Global Reach Expanded with Around-the-Clock Service and Pooling Centers - Technicians viewing screen image - Parker Aerospace - Parker Hannifin

One of the most anticipated elements of the CRC is the incorporation of a 24/7 online chat service which is a communication medium many customers prefer. With online chat, they have the immediacy of a phone call, but the ability to craft their message and receive feedback in written form, like an email. This option, along with a direct phone line, and standard email allow customers to reach Parker employees to immediately troubleshoot their challenges regardless of time, day or location. 

The CRC provides around-the-clock material, logistic, and technical support for aircraft on the ground (AOG); spare part quotations, order execution and delivery; and management of Parker’s worldwide parts pooling network.


Parker’s global pool network

Global Reach Expanded with Around-the-Clock Service and Pooling Centers - Parker Warehouse with woman pulling packages. - Parker AerospaceIn concert with 24/7 accessibility, Parker’s global pooling inventory allows for efficient delivery of needed parts for airline customers throughout the world. With pooling centers located in China, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, customers – no matter where they are – have access to the parts they need within hours, as opposed to days or weeks.

These warehouse and distribution centers – which provide an extensive inventory of Parker Aerospace products for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, COMAC, Embraer, Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation, and others – have been launched in support of Parker Aerospace’s global pooling initiative to increase support for customers located and flying around the world. By implementing these initiatives, Parker has invested more than $40 million in assets stationed globally, offers 24/7 accessibility to Parker team members, and is stocking over 1,000 – and growing – parts throughout the five global locations.

Local advantages

Global Reach Expanded with Around-the-Clock Service and Pooling Centers - Technicians working on airplane components - Parker Aerospace - Parker HannifinThe investment hasn’t gone unnoticed. Parker’s existing customers are benefitting from the local advantage and these developments have already directly and indirectly created additional commercial business for Parker. 

“When you strive for the best not only in your products, but in your customer’s experience as well, everyone will benefit. We are excited to be positioning Parker Aerospace so that our global customers have a more personal, efficient, and effective experience when engaging with Parker.” 

Victor Jorcyk, business development manager, Parker Hannifin  


Learn more about these and other exciting developments by visiting Parker Aerospace’s Customer Service Operations webpage. 



Expanded Global Reach with Pooling CentersArticle contributed by Victor Jorcyk, business development manager, Parker Aerospace.





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