High-power AC Drives for Offshore Oil & Gas Applications

High-power AC Drives for Offshore Gas & Oil Applications - Offshore Oil RigParker's high-power AC drives power the renewable energy extraction process in oil and gas applications used for power generation. The drives are available in a variety of sizes and power capacities, designed to perform with efficiency and reliability in functions ranging from driving small machine tools to powering large pumps, conveyors or hoists.

Higher output with an advanced cooling system 

Our high power AC motor drives benefit from our innovative Advanced Cooling System. This unique system allows our drives to operate at high output levels without requiring additional air conditioning equipment to keep them within the ideal operating temperature range. Parker’s AC motor drives for oil and gas applications that leverage these technologies can be found throughout the rig, powering electric top drives, draw works, mud pumps and cement pumps and other equipment.

Modular design for speed of replacement 

High-power AC Drives for Offshore Gas & Oil Applications - Parker Modular DriveParker’s high-power AC drives are designed with a modular configuration, meaning they can be easily replaced and serviced, unlike others on the market. With a slide-out design, repairs and replacements are faster and can often be performed by a single crew member. While our drives' reliability is class-leading, the modular design means that when something does go wrong, the mean time to repair (MTTR) will be as minimal as possible.

We offer a broad range of AC and DC drives designed for both new rigs and to retrofit for preexisting ones. This allows you to leverage modern technology to upgrade the efficiency and operational quality of your legacy equipment. Extending its life also helps lower capital and operating costs.

Variable speed AC drives increase efficiency 

One of the most innovative uses of Parker’s variable speed AC motor drives in oil and gas applications is in the hydraulic field. Typically, hydraulic power units are driven by fixed-speed drive motors. Unfortunately, because the amount of energy required by a hydraulic system fluctuates, these fixed speed systems tend to overdrive the motor and waste energy in the process.

High-power AC Drives for Offshore Gas & Oil Applications - Parker AC Top DriveUtilizing a variable frequency AC drive to manage pump speeds in a hydraulic system can increase efficiency three to four times relative to valve control systems. In other fixed-speed applications such as fans, pumps or compressors, Parker’s AC drives can achieve a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption.

A range of product sizes 

Parker manufactures AC motor drives for oil and gas applications of every type. Our smallest drives have power ranges as low as 1 horsepower, while the largest ones can generate up to 2,000 HP. They can be connected to power supplies ranging from 208 to 690VAC as well. We also offer drives that are compatible with a range of different control systems including V/F, flux vector and PMAC motor control. In addition, digital DC (SCR) drives through 1,500 HP are also available for applications with existing DC motors.

To learn more about our AC drive offerings, visit Parker's Electromechanical and Drives Division.

View the SlideShare and learn more about the wide range of applications using AC drives in the oil and gas market. 


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