How OEMs Capture Global Market Share with Multiple Language Support

How OEMs Capture Global Market Share with Multiple Language Support mobile displays with multiple language Electronic Controls DivisionAs more OEMs grow in global markets, manufacturers are increasingly seeing the need to incorporate different language options on their displays. With many OEMs manufacturing similar machines across the world, it has become important to have the ability to have an option for different languages on the menu systems and messages. This will ensure that the machine will have a consistent look and feel around the world.


Operators see the status in the native language

Messages can be displayed in multiple languages for operators to easily understand machine status in their language. Because the display offers an option for language, there can be a one-part number and one software file for the system that can be sold globally. In addition, since there is only one software file, changes, updates, or bug fixes only need to be maintained on one file, not on multiple files.


PHD programming  helps to speed time to market

How OEMs Capture Global Market Share with Multiple Language Support Electronic Controls Division Display FamilyGetting a product out to market on time and within budget is no easy feat. The PHD application programming tool helps make this a reality by enabling a rapid development environment. The built-in simulator helps test the functionality through the entire design phase, helping to expedite the engineering process and helping to reduce software development costs. New languages can be added simply by passing a language file as an argument to the screen application program.


Illustrative programming example

Having an easy to use programming tool that allows different languages to be easily included is a key element to being able to capture global market share. We've created an example to show how languages can be added easily to the PHD application. The example includes the basic files to get started and shows how to program the PHD display to allow you to change the text dynamically instead of creating a new page for each language, which helps reduce the development time. To support internationalization and broad character support, The PHD Programming Tool uses UTF-8 encoding universally for all text rendering. You will also see that the same page is created only once, but the language of the text can be selected in the application. This helps to shorten development time by allowing the application to be created and maintained once while supporting multiple languages.

Click here to access product information including the application example we just described on the support tab.

Another key feature is the ability to have the screen application separate from the language file. This allows a translator to translate the corresponding text independently from the application software. In addition, the application programmers don’t have to speak any of the other languages that will be used in the applications. This helps reduce development time and cost by allowing the translators to be translators, and not application programmers and the application programmers don’t have to speak multiple languages.

How OEMs Capture Global Market Share with Multiple Language Support Electronic Controls Division PHD screen shot


Additional information

Parker's PHD display family is rugged, general-purpose displays offering full color, a touch-capable screen with built-in CAN, and I/O. For additional information on the display and example applications, please visit http://www.parker.com/phd   


Article contributed by Janaki Viswanathan, regional application engineer, Parker Hannifin Corporation's Electronic Controls Division


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