How to Extend the Service Life of Your Hydraulic Hose

How to Extend Service Life Out of Your Hydraulic Hose | Mike, ParkerStore Professional | Parker HannifinDoes your hydraulic hose application cause excessive hose abrasion, pressure spikes, kinking or deep cuts? We understand how these issues happen and how to prevent them. And if there's a way your hose or hose application could be made more secure and safe, your local ParkerStore has a product for it. All of these products are designed to provide reliable, long-lasting, protection and help in prolonging the service life of your hydraulic hoses.

A wide variety of hose guards, protectors, sleeves and strain relievers are available to protect hydraulic hose and tubing, helping to eliminate damage caused by extreme heat, and water abrasion to extend the life of the hose assembly. These hose guards and hose sleeves also provide protection to workers from slippage, spillage or hose movement due to vehicle traffic.


Protect with hose sleeving products

How to Extend Service Life of Your Hydraulic Hose | Parker Partek Defense | ParkerStore

Partek Defense is designed to provide protection to personnel and equipment in the event of a hose burst by containing the energy of the burst, up to 12,000 PSI. It features a multi-layered construction that contains and then dissipates the energy and media within the hose assembly. Partek Defense can be applied in any hose application but is most valuable in industries such as mining, construction and agriculture where operators work closely with a high-pressure hose. They are flexible and made with specially-coated fibers to protect against deterioration from sunlight, ozone and other elements.

While Partek Defense helps protect against hose burst and protection of the equipment operators, additional lines of the Parker Partek line offer protection specifically for the hose including abrasion, cuts and kinks. 


Wrap it up with extra abrasion protection

How to Extend Service Life of Your Hydraulic Hose | Parker Partek Wrap | ParkerStoreThe need for a protective hose sleeve is not always considered while designing for a hose’s application. Many hose assembly installations would benefit from a sleeve, but it is not obvious until all the other hoses and components are in place. Our Partek Wrap enables the hose sleeve to be installed after the hose assemblies have been positioned and secured in place. The Partek Wrap can be used as extra abrasion protection or to wrap multiple hoses or cables together onsite, making it easy to install if your hose assemblies are already in place.

How to Extend Service Life of Your Hydraulic Hoses | Parker Hose Protector SleeveNeed a guard that can withstand greater than 200,000 abrasion cycles? Partek Nylon Protective Sleeving can and with its unique construction, it can do so without wearing through the fabric. Plus, it's effective in all climates with an ambient temperature range from 60 below zero to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. It has an exceptionally smooth interior wall, allowing rubber hose to move freely inside the sleeve; its lightweight, very flexible and super easy to install.


Hose guards make it easy to prolong hose life

How to Extend Service Life Out of Your Hydraulic Hose | PolyGuard™ and ParKoil™ accessories | ParkerStoreFrom nylon to heavy-duty polyethylene, the PolyGuard™ and ParKoil™ accessories are built to handle rugged conditions and are ideal for bundling plastic tubing or hose lines. They shield hoses from abrasions and cuts, minimize kinking and resist most solvents including water, oil, gasoline and hydraulic fluid without rusting or corroding. Essentially, two weights wrap up almost every application.



How to Extend Service Life Out of Your Hydraulic Hose | Parker Spring Guard and Armor Guard | ParkerStore

Also built to handle rugged conditions and constructed of plated steel wire, the Parker Spring Guard and Armor Guard both prolong the life of hose lines that are exposed to these operating conditions. They distribute bending radii to avoid kinking in hose lines and protect hoses from abrasion and deep cuts.



Parker Firesleeve is a flame-resistant sheath that protects a hose from extreme temperature conditions. Firesleeve easily slides over hoses and can be assembled with a Parker FSC or a properly-sized worm gear clamp.

How to Extend Service Life Out of Your Hydraulic Hose | Parker CL Clamp | ParkerStore

The Parker CL Clamp provides hose support where long lengths are used. It gives you neater installation of hose lines and minimizes hose chafing. Using a low-pressure industrial hose? The Parker HC Clamp is a stainless-steel worm gear clamp designed specifically for low-pressure applications.

Ever have issues with hoses rubbing against other hoses, metal or concrete?  Parker Hose Protection Shields can help prevent hose abrasion and extend hose life in these conditions. These flexible protectors simply clamp around the hose and are securely held in place by nylon cable ties. By the way, you don’t need to disconnect a line to install a Parker Hose Protector Shield the way you do with a continuous tubular sleeve. Just wait until the installation is up and running to see exactly where contact needs to be prevented. Hose Protector Shields are a fast and extremely cost-effective way to isolate fluid lines from direct contact with other lines, components or structural members.


Safety restraining system for pressure hoses

How to Extend Service Life Out of Your Hydraulic Hose | Parker Hose Whip Restraint System | ParkerStore

The Parker Hose Whip Restraint System is designed for hoses in high-pressure applications. In the event that a hose separates from its fitting, this system is designed to prevent the violent whipping of a pressurized hose, which can cause damage to nearby equipment or people. Trust us, you don't want anyone near a whipping hose! The system provides an additional level of safety and helps prevent damage to nearby equipment or injury to operators near the failed hose by limiting the whip or travel of the pressurized hose after it breaks free from its hose fitting. Serious damage or injury can occur from whipping hoses, especially at higher pressures. The system is comprised of two parts − a hose collar and a cable assembly. The Hose Whip Restraint is not to be used in place of proper hose crimping procedures as outlined in HPD Catalog 4400. Exceeding the maximum operating pressure of the hydraulic hose jeopardizes the proper operation of the Hose Whip Restraint System.

There are two types of cable assemblies available, one for flange-type connections, the other for port adapters.


Bringing it all together

These are just a few ways your local ParkerStore can help you get more service life out of your hydraulic hoses. Of course if you have questions about any of the Parker hose guard and accessory products we've described here, ask your local ParkerStore professional.

Watch the video and see Mike, our ParkerStore professional, demonstrate some of the hydraulic hose guards and accessories available at your local ParkerStore.


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