Hydraulic Fan Drives: Efficiency Driven

Hydraulic Fan Drives: Efficiency Driven - constuction equipment - Motion Systems Group

Looking to improve the efficiency of your construction equipment? Consider a hydraulic fan drive. Compared to mechanically driven fans, hydraulic fan drives provide several advantages. This is proven across multiple markets and applications.

The proof is in the productivity

Because most vehicles already have a hydraulic system in place, it’s easy to switch to hydraulic fan drives. Once in place, the fan can be decoupled from the engine speed so no excess cooling is generated. The fan can now run at the necessary speed regardless of engine speed. This creates amazing efficiencies: total overall efficiency gained can range from 70% - 90% depending on the system.

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Better fuel economy

One critical efficiency is in fuel savings. Compared to a mechanical drive, a hydraulic fan drive system can save one gallon of fuel per day. This can amount to $600 in savings per vehicle per year (based on $3.00 per gallon diesel fuel and 200 work days per year).

Engine power available for useful work

Another area of efficiency is in power consumption. Because the fan drive is consuming less power, it allows for the freed up power to be employed doing useful work. The result: a more productive vehicle.

The benefits are abundant

Additional benefits include the ability to control the engine temperature. By using temperature sensors, highs and lows can be set, turning the fan on and off accordingly. Hydraulic fans also have the ability to reverse motion, which can clean radiators by blowing the dirt and debris out. And hydraulic fans can be mounted remotely, freeing up space for other components.

Compliance that’s sustainable

Lastly, but importantly, hydraulic fan drives are vital to complying with Tier IV emissions regulations. That’s the true power of hydraulic fan drives. Parker is a global leader in motion and control technologies and a pioneer in hydraulic fan drives.

For in-depth details on hydraulic fan drive options, download the white paper.  For additional construction equipment content from Parker, visit www.parker.com/buildingbetterlives.  


Hydraulic Fan Drives: Efficiency Driven Andrew De JongArticle contributed by Andrew De Jong, engineer, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Global Mobile Systems.





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