Integrated Transmissions That are a Cut Above

Integrated Transmissions That are a Cut Above Turfcare Pump and Motor DivisionThere are over 40 million acres of lawn across the United States, made up, primarily, of residential lawns, roadsides and golf courses. While many Americans maintain their own lawns, a growing number of contractors, landscapers and lawn care consultants are hired to do the job. For these working men and women, the more lawns maintained during the day, the more successful their businesses become. To mow faster and longer, specialized mowers are used to mow more grass with more precision. 


Transmissions: a driving force

As with any machine, a commercial mower’s primary function is to make a task easier, in this case, mowing the grass. Via a network of hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and chemical processes, a mower is propelled by a simple push or pull by the operator. One such process is performed by transmissions, located near each wheel of the mower. These integrated drive systems pull power from the engine and create the torque and speed required to get a mower moving and to keep it moving. A combination of a hydraulic pump and a motor can also be used if space allows.

For a smooth and comfortable ride, a quality drive system is required. Otherwise, the mower can begin to cog when the drive is placed under too large a load. Cogging can ruin the user experience and potentially result in a stuck mower. Nothing will set an operation back like stuck equipment.

Cogging can create problems for a user as the mower starts to move, but once the mower is in motion, the drive system’s job is not done. To maintain a fast, effective cut, a drive system must provide consistent power throughout a job. UCLA legend John Wooden said, “Be quick, but don’t hurry”. He used this sentiment while coaching his championship basketball teams, but the same can be echoed in the turf industry. Speed is important, but an ineffective cut, caused by an inferior drive system, wastes time.


The gold standard

Parker’s HT Series is the pinnacle of drive systems in the turf industry. By coupling a Torqmotor and variable displacement pump, the HT Series delivers more power to the cutting deck, decreases fuel cost, and eliminates cogging. When used with Parker formulated HT-1000 transmission oil, oil change intervals are increased to 1000 hours; 2x longer than competitive drive systems. Find out more about this efficient drive system at parkerHT.com.

The Pump & Motor Division is a market leader in gear pump and low speed-high torque gerotor motors, that continues to blaze a trail in the industry by developing new technologies while maintaining the high level of service synonymous with Parker. Between its two locations in North Carolina and Tennessee, the division employs decades of industry experience to better serve you and your application.

Attending GIE 2019? Visit us in Louisville, KY October 16 – 18 at booth 10124 to see the HT transmission. 


Integrated Transmissions That are a Cut Above CT Lefler Pump and Motor DivisionThis article contributed by CT Lefler, marketing product manager, Pump & Motor Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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