Just What is a ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR® Anyway?

ParkerStore_Just What is a ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR® anyway?_construction onsiteYou may have seen or heard of a “ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR” but do you know what one is? Let us explain!

Say your backhoe, tractor, dump, plow or any other hydraulic equipment stops working. It may have a hose failure or you may not even know what the problem is. You just know you need it fixed fast so you can get back to work.

That’s when you call a ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR – a skilled hydraulics technician, on-call 24/7, who is ready to help you get back to work. You see, ParkerStore HOSE DOCTORs understand that your downtime translates directly into lost productivity, time and money, so they’ll come to your jobsite or location with a vehicle stocked with hoses, fittings and the tools needed to diagnose your failure, make and install a new hose assembly, and provide the repairs you need to get back to work promptly.

ParkerStore HOSE DOCTORs are also trained to help you determine possible trouble spots in your hydraulic system and offer solutions to maintain your productivity and prevent downtime. Their services can include system troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and diagnostics, fluid sampling and even inventory services if you need regular product deliveries or other support.

Beyond that, a major benefit of working with a ParkerStore HOSE DOCTOR is gaining access to the full array of quality Parker products, and the service and support of the global ParkerStore distribution network. This extensive network supports a wide range of customers, markets and applications with more than 3600 service points in 90 countries.

So, while ParkerStore HOSE DOCTORs are skilled, on-call hydraulics system technicians with the parts and service you need to get back to work, they really are your 24/7 lifeline for productivity!

Want to learn more? Check out the video below, visit or in the US call 1-866-550-HOSE.

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