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Keep Employees Safe with Engineered Breathing Air Systems

Keep Employees Safe with Engineered Breathing Systems - long wall mining - Parker Hannifin TransairIn many applications across a multitude of industries like mining, hazmat and pharmaceuticals, employers must supply breathing air systems when necessary to keep employees safe. A variety of hazardous substances can be present in the air of these applications. Biological agents, dust, noble gases, processed substances, fumes, mist, asbestos and even lead are harmful and require breathing air purification to keep people healthy and away from dangerous breathing hazards.  



The challenge

Delivering High Quality in Breathing Air Applications

The challenge for breathing air applications is that even with a compressed air fed breathing system, the air that feeds the system is ambient; therefore any contaminants in the air can penetrate the breathing air system, as well as any contaminants that the system itself could introduce to the breathing air. Air purification systems are necessary to remove contaminants like 

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Carbon dioxide

  • Water vapor

  • Micro-organisms 

  • Atmospheric dirt

  • Oil vapor 

  • Water aerosols 

  • Condensed liquid water

  • Liquid oil

  • Rust 

  • Pipe scale


Depending on the application, air must be purified to the relevant International Breathing Air Standard.


Keep Employees Safe with Breathing Air Systems

Keep Employees Safe With Engineered Breathing Air Systems


What type of purifier should be used?

Of course, with a wide variety of purification products available, ranging from a simple respirator offering basic protection against low levels of dust particles to self-contained breathing apparatus it is essential that the inhalation risks be fully assessed and a suitable purification product selected. 

With any potential inhalation hazard exists. It is essential that a full assessment of the risk to the user is completed in order to identify the risk of contamination and level of contamination in order to comply with the required air quality standards. The air flow rate must meet the needs of the total number of users in the system. Parker can assist in air purity testing and breathing air purifiers to get your breathing application to standard and is available to connect your system everywhere you need it to go.


Transair® is the ideal choice for breathing air system installations since they require the highest quality of air. You wouldn't want to hang pipe that could contribute to the contamination of the breathing air. This defeats the entire purpose of the system. Transair's aluminum piping does not rust or corrode. Transair has no rough surfaces or interior restrictions that can accumulate contaminants. The full-bore designed interior is completely smooth and allows air to flow to filters and dryers, for the efficient removal of contaminants and providing employees with safe breathing air. View the entire product line of Transair products on our website.

Parker domnick hunter breathing air purifiers are designed to offer the user protection against some or all of the contaminants that may be present in a compressed air fed breathing air system. As the world leader in filtration and purification of compressed air, Parker domnick hunter offers unrivaled experience in the design and manufacture of air treatment equipment. With Parker domnick hunter breathing air purifiers in constant use worldwide, protecting lives in virtually every type of industry and the commitment to continuous research and development, Parker domnick hunter provides a complete range of breathing air purifiers designed to match the specific needs inherent when breathing from a compressed air supply.


Did you know that Transair® is approved for OSHA Class breathing air applications? 


Contact us today for more details and watch our system video to see the product in action!  


Keep Employees Safe with Engineered Breathing Air Systems - Guillermo Hiyane - Product sales Manager, Parker HannifinArticle contributed by Guillermo Hiyane, product sales manager, Parker Hannifin, Fluid Systems Connectors Division - Transair

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