Keeping Aircraft Fleets Healthy Around the Clock and Around the Globe

Keeping Aircraft Fleet Continuously Healthy Around the Clock and Around the Globe - Parker 360 Plane and World Logo - Parker AerospaceIn 2018 more than 4.3 billion passengers flew on airplanes, and 2017 was the safest year on record for air travel. Modern air travel that is reliable and safe is only possible through vigilant maintenance of the aircraft that carry millions of individuals every day. As a proven and trusted supplier to all aerospace markets, Parker Aerospace is launching a new initiative named Parker360 to provide world-class aerospace aftermarket services.

Known as a systems provider with 100 years of experience on nearly every major aircraft that has flown, Parker Aerospace is uniquely qualified to provide aftermarket aircraft support. Reinforcing its status in the industry, Parker360 promises to help aircraft operators and owners to continuously maintain the health of their fleets globally.


“No other company offers the complete range of aerospace technologies that Parker does touching every aircraft market, with a broad historical pedigree of aircraft platforms and deep understanding of system integration. Parker360 is our promise to provide comprehensive support around the clock and around the globe. Our global Customer Response Center is waiting to help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our support network is ready to help aircraft anywhere in the world.”

— Austin Major, vice president of customer support operations, Parker Aerospace


Keeping Aircraft Fleet Continuously Healthy Around the Clock and Around the Globe - Parker Maintenance Services - Parker AerospaceParker Aerospace is a global leader providing research, design, integration, manufacturing, certification, and lifetime service of flight control, hydraulic, fuel and inerting, fluid conveyance, thermal management, lubrication, and pneumatic systems and components for aerospace markets. As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for systems and components supporting most aircraft platforms, Parker Aerospace provides industry-leading lifetime support for its products to aircraft manufacturers, owners, and operators. Within Parker Aerospace, Customer Support Operations serves as the single point of contact for Parker Aerospace OEM divisions and their product lines.


Keeping Aircraft Fleet Continuously Healthy Around the Clock and Around the Globe - Parker Business Services - Parker AerospaceParker360 focuses the power of Parker Aerospace’s valuable experience as a systems supplier with high-quality parts from the OEM divisions, all backed by industry-leading service. Not only does Parker maintain a 24/7/365 support center, the employees within Parker Aerospace are truly a differentiator in the service offering. Over its 100-year history, Parker has prided itself in hiring some of the smartest, most capable, and dedicated people in the aerospace industry who individually have impressive pedigrees working on specific aircraft platforms.


“If you have a question about a component from 1990, not only do we have all the performance data to provide an answer, we can usually also ask the engineer who originally designed it, because he or she still works here. Just as Charles Lindberg was successful with Parker’s parts in 1927, today we’re engineering the success of aerospace companies who are building the aircraft of tomorrow, and we’ll support those aircraft indefinitely.”

— Victor Jorcyk, customer support operations business development director, Parker Aerospace


Keeping Aircraft Fleet Continuously Healthy Around the Clock and Around the Globe - Global Response Center- Parker AerospaceParker Aerospace’s CSO division recently announced the expansion of its global Customer Response Center (CRC) to include a second in-region aftermarket support center in Singapore. Opening later in 2017 within Parker’s existing customer support operations in Singapore, the new CRC location will provide a full range of business and technical services to its maintenance, repair, and overhaul customers – as well as third-party repair operations — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The expansion will help Parker Aerospace customers have more issues resolved real-time by local staff who are most familiar with customer and regional support needs.

Celebrating its centennial anniversary, the launch of Parker360 reinforces the values with which the company was created. As stated by Arthur Parker, the founder of Parker Hannifin, “Our success is founded on fair dealing, hard work, coordination of effort, and quality products.”


Keeping Aircraft Fleet Continuously Healthy Around the Clock and Around the Globe - Austin Major, vide president of commercial support - Parker AerospaceThis post was contributed by Austin Major, vice president of customer support operations





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