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Leading CNG Provider Implements PTS to Reduce Costs and Improve Ordering Levels

Leading CNG Provider Implements PTS to Reduce Costs and Improve Ordering and Inventory Levels - App Scan Image- Parker PTSHow can an organization with inventory spanning across a continent and always on the move ensure assets are utilized to their performance capacity--while being mindful of costs?

The question had been presented by a leading North American provider of compressed natural gas (CNG) solutions. The simplest answer is asset management. By definition, it’s a systematic approach to govern and understand the value of processes that an entity is responsible for, over their whole life cycle. If we pull back the layers, you’ll see there are so many tools and resources at the disposal to achieve asset management. The problem is, features and functionality are underutilized or exhausted at the most critical moments.

Logistically, there are a lot of moving targets to an asset management program, and it’s easy to let something slip through a crack; hence the importance of staying ahead with your current implementation. Managing existing and new inventory, service, and maintenance schedule checks and reviewing all assets--there’s a considerable amount happening at any given time, which is why it’s so critical to be proactive, not reactive.

For a CNG solutions provider, Parker’s asset management tool, PTS, proved invaluable in delivering real results and streamlining its operations.


The Challenge

Leading CNG Provider Implements PTS to Reduce Costs and Improve Ordering and Inventory Levels - App image after scan- Parker PTSWhen operations rely on CNG, it’s important to know with confidence you have the supply and resources readily available at your disposal. CNG has become a vital component in the world’s energy supply, as commercial and industrial markets transition away from traditional energy resources in favor of a cleaner, safer, and economical alternative solution. To satisfy this ever-growing demand, one organization is bringing the pipeline and all that comes with it straight to its customers.

Certarus, a leader in providing a fully integrated CNG solution across North America, has perfected the “Low Carbon Energy Solutions.” This service encompasses every aspect of the CNG process into a single turnkey product; from the sourcing, compression, and transportation in state-of-the-art fleets to delivery and decompressing on site. Having an ample supply of CNG is half the battle to fueling operations. It’s critical to have the appropriate tools, including CNG hoses and hose fittings, in standing order to safely and effectively utilize an energy source.

The absence of an asset management plan can contribute to an organization’s failure to regulate assets and infrastructure. Without a systemized approach, a business lacks component visibility that’s vital to maintain and maximize operations. This puts an organization at risk of higher costs, inadequate maintenance practices, legal liability, and increased risk management.

For Certarus, tracking the location of more than 5,000 CNG hoses moving across the United States and Canada becomes problematic. The only way products were being identified was by leveraging its ID tag including manufacturing date, maximum allowable working pressure, and recertification date. And that presented problems.

There was no clear way of knowing where CNG hoses were and if the product needed serviced or replaced. Technicians would have to go to the Jobsite to know if a hose was out of compliance or nearing the end of its certification date. A lot of times, orders would be placed at facilities requesting new CNG hoses, when in fact hoses were not necessary for that particular situation, costing the company time and money. 


The Solution

Leading CNG Provider Implements PTS to Reduce Costs and Improve Ordering and Inventory Levels- Sotware image - Parker PTSThere had to be a better way to track CNG hoses, and there is with PTS. The advanced component-tagging and asset management solution will record, manage and retrieve all critical product information. In this case, Certarus could track its inventory of CNG hoses, as well as at individual sites, and know in real-time the status of that particular part.

“PTS is a far superior choice in asset management. An all-in-one solution that’s intuitive, allows the team to easily identify, record, and track inventory unlike ever before.”

Nay Tun Linn, asset integrity manager, Certarus


How Does PTS Work?

PTS generates a unique identification code that’s tagged on each asset. This code, which can be printed, engraved or etched, captures everything you would need to know about a particular product including bill of materials, customer information, replacement details, history, customized instructions for MRO activities, and image and document attachments. Since products in an industrial setting are exposed to challenging conditions, such as extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals, PTS can thrive in these rugged environments.

Upon registering a CNG hose, Certarus can tag and trace each product through its lifecycle, which was not available prior to PTS.


“We can create as many tags as we feel is necessary per station and a simple scan allows a user to access all the information regarding that particular product,”

Nay Tun Linn, asset integrity manager, Certarus.


PTS provides fast and accurate product identification to speed replacement regardless of where or when the original part was created. Plus, the technology works seamlessly from anywhere, meaning the team can track hoses from across North America. This type of transparency helps increase productivity and efficiency for the end-user as downtime is greatly reduced.

Having this asset-specific information easily accessible ensures Certarus can:

  • Minimize Downtime - Establish detailed asset location data allows hoses at each facility to be identified in minutes as opposed to days

  • Stay in Compliance - Meet regulatory requirements and mandates to ensure business operations are compliant

  • Reduced Rework - Access PTS database helps the organization minimize incorrect hose assemblies

  • Offer Preventive Maintenance - Database information includes schedule inspections, replacement routines, and service history

With the PTS Mobile application, the team can scan a PTS tag with their smartphone device and locate the available part from the nearest distributor. Available for Apple and Android devices, PTS Mobile allows a user to scan a tag and instantly view the information of that specific part in the database. With the exact replacement details provided, the customer can simply order the component.

To learn more about PTS and the benefits it can bring to your organization, visit our website today, or contact your Parker representative.


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Leading CNG Provider Implements PTS to Reduce Costs and Improve Ordering and Inventory Levels - Bill SayavichThis article contributed by Bill Sayavich, marketing manager, Global Services, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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