Linear Motors | Servo Drives | PAC and More: SLAS 2016 Featured Products

Linear Motors-Servo Drives-PAC and More: SLAS 2016 Featured Products-This is Lab Automation-Parker Automation-EMDIt was a busy three days in San Diego at the recent Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) show as we talked about the new products and new technology on display at the Parker booth. Many attendees were excited to lay their eyes--and hands--on the new products on display.

Many of the same trends we see in manufacturing hold true for instrument builders: they’re looking for modularity, flexibility, and miniaturization and they were able to see those characteristics in many of the products we featured, such as . . .

mSR Series linear motor drive stages

The mSR80 and mSR100 miniature stages are ideal for instrument builders in the laboratory automation space given their configurable options, modular design, as well as precision performance in a very small profile. 

P-Series servo drive

This new OEM-friendly servo drive was paired with the mSR linear motor drive stage in several demos displayed at our booth. This drive is ideal for applications with a consistent fixed number of moves using the indexer version or for applications connecting to an Ethercat network.

IPA servo drive

This new servo drive combines the power of a motion controller with a single axis amplifier. The IPA servo drive is a great solution for customers using a distributed control network. This versatile drive solution can operate on a bus ranging from 24 Volts DC to 240 Volts AC (single phase) and take in a variety of encoder formats.

Linear Motors-Servo Drives-PAC and More SLAS 2016-ETT and HMR linear actuators-Parker Automation Group-EMDETT linear actuator

The ETT linear actuator uses a tubular style linear motor to directly actuate a payload. This solution is ideal for instrument builders seeking a high dynamic response while generating limited audible noise.

HMR Series linear actuator

The HMR linear actuator is an extremely flexible product for instrument builders who want to quickly move large payloads. This linear actuator has five optional frame sizes, two different drive technologies, flexible limit/home sensing options – all incorporated into an IP54 sealed design.

Linear Motors-Servo Drives-PAC and More: SLAS 2016 Featured Products-IX Screen-Parker Automation-EMD

IX InteractX power station

The IX InteractX power station is a Windows-based visualization platform providing intuitive, graphical drag-and-drop GUI design with a powerful OPC client/server and VBA scripting support. With its vast device driver and SQL server capabilities, you can aggregate data from one or all devices within a system.


Linear Motors-Servo Drives-PAC and More SLAS 2016-Parker Automation Controller PAC-Parker Automation Group-EMDPAC (Parker automation controller)

The Parker Automation Controller (PAC) is an all-in-one EtherCAT PLC, motion control and visualization platform programmed in a single development environment. It’s the perfect, single-device solution for any automation system where quick development and system modularity is a must.


We incorporated many of our new products into some of the demos on display:

CellX 2.1 instrument

This device was developed through the collaboration of Parker’s design team and a major medical institution to help characterize and quantify cells and colonies used in cell based therapies. The direct drive servo solution uses high precision linear stages in combination with a microscope to find stem cell progenitors and then precisely pick them from a microplate for further cell propagation. It is being used for cutting edge techniques in regenerative medicine.

Linear Motors-Servo Drives-PAC and More SLAS 2016-Auto-focus demo with blue IPA-Parker Automation Group-EMDAuto-focus microscope demo

This demo focused a microscope on a variety of slides by means of a precision grade mSR100 linear motor (used as the base axis) paired with a cam driven Z-axis controlled via a closed loop stepper motor. It also displayed the image in real time on one of Parker's new XT touchscreen monitors.

Other demos

  • Two standalone mSR demos powered by Parker's new P Series servo drive 
  • A hybrid deltabot and XY stage demo, which displayed a potential high-speed pipetting operation 

See more

See the CellX2.1 instrument, the auto-focus microscope and more in this short video.



This article contributed by Electromechanical & Drives Division, Parker Hannifin Corporation.





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