Load Sensing Valve Improves Heavy Duty Machine Productivity and Fuel Savings

Load Sensing Valve Improves Heavy Duty Machine Productivity and Fuel Savings - Ecoformance Valve - Parker HannifinOEM engineers are always looking for new technology to improve heavy duty machine productivity. This is weighed against the known factor: that current hydraulic systems powering heavy duty machines are very reliable, and departing from known solutions can be risky and costly. Designing a new hydraulic system takes years because existing systems have been well refined over time and work well. 


Challenges with current hydraulic systems

However, there are challenges with hydraulic systems that still need some work

  • The ability to adapt the machine to any load condition.
  • Achieving full performance at variable load cycles.
  • Machine stability and system function predictability.
  • Little flexibility on how the valve functions are performing.

How does an OEM engineer develop a better system that leads to an increase in machine productivity and fuel savings, using a solid foundation from today’s technology?

Next generation EQA technology increases productivity and fuel economy

Our EQA (Electric Flow Amplifier) EcoFormance technology represents one of the next significant advancements in load sensing valves. Used in hydraulic systems found in mining, forest and construction machines, this technology offers OEMs a lower risk and the gains in doing so are well defined: in tested applications, a 15% productivity increase and 22% fuel savings results. 

EcoFormance technology offers unique and useful features to achieve

load sensing valve improves heavy duty machine productivity and fuel savings | ecoformance load sensing valve | parker hydraulics

  • Precise control
  • Improved productivity 
  • Energy savings
  • Easy installation

The K220LS load sensing valve with EQA technology is a result of our wide experience in mobile hydraulics, offering excellent performance, made with high grade materials and precision manufacturing. It has a wide range of selectable functions, offering great flexibility in terms of system structure in simple as well as advanced hydraulic system solutions.

Precise control

By automatically adapting the meter-out pressure to the load conditions, machine control is greatly improved by the EQA technology. This is most notably useful for functions with slew or jib movements, or digger arms with over-center movement.

Improved productivity

The K220LS load sensing valve allows instant and seamless switching between regenerative mode and double acting mode, as well as between gravity lowering and power down. The added speed and precision means more work can be done in a given time.

Energy savings

Minimized meter-out losses reduce fuel consumption. The increased efficiency the valve handles also means more available power for the work cycle.

Easy installation

EcoFormance work sections can be combined with other K220LS sections anywhere in a valve stack. Since meter in control is done the traditional pre-compensated way, the software only needs to control the variable meter-out pressure. This can easily be implemented in any OEM ECU-controller. The EcoFormance load sensing valves are available with a plug-and-play CAN interface for ultimate simplicity.

Typical applications

Load Sensing Valve Improves Heavy Duty Productivity and Fuel Savings - brochure  cover image  - Parker HannifinOur K220LS EcoFormance load sensing valve is a great problem solver for many functions with varying load conditions –and any kind of materials handling equipment, mobile or stationary.

  • Construction Machines
  • Forest Machines
  • Mining Machines
  • Excavators
  • Backhoe Loaders

Less fuel and better performance

The EQA element used in the K220LS to control the variable meter-out pressure is hydraulically pressure compensated. K220LS can be equipped with hydraulic or electrohydraulic spool actuators in any combination. Each valve section can be optimized for its particular function in the machinery, with a large range of main spools, pressure relief valves, pressure compensators, signal pressure limiters and other performance enhancing functions.

Benefits the K220LS EcoFormance load sensing valve delivers

• Improved machine control

• Improved productivity

• Improved fuel efficiency

• Easy implementation

• Seamless mode switch between regenerative and double acting mode

• Cavitation-free operation under all conditions

If you’re looking to maximize your hydraulic machine’s operational performance in the most cost-effective way, consider our next generation EcoFormance load sensing valve as the solution.

To learn more about the K22OLS EcoFormance load sensing valve, download the brochure.



Load Sensing Valve Improves Heavy Duty Machine Productivity and Fuel Savings - Per Nilsson - Parker HannifinArticle contributed by Per Nilsson, global industry market manager, Parker Hannifin





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