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Modern Skid Steer Design on Larger Footprint with Enhanced Controls

Modern Skid Steer Design on Larger Footprint with Enhanced Controls

When skid steers first arrived on the scene in the industry, their small size was their greatest advantage. But as this versatile equipment has evolved, modern day skid steers are three to four times heavier than the first models and have up to 15 times more horsepower. The demand for this increase in size has emerged from contractors choosing to increased capacity over versatility of size.  

Contractor needs for this type of equipment are often times determined by the amount of materials that need to be moved each hour, how heavy that material is and what area of the site the skid steer will operating in. The trend has been for skid steer loaders to have more capacity, faster speeds and higher bucket capacities. These features enable owners /operators to get more done in a day. However, the size must remain small enough that the machine is easily transportable, and the price point of the machines make them a good choice. 

Along with the trend for larger equipment, enhanced controls that improve the ease of use for operators are also important. A focus on features like selectable joystick controls with drive response mode, speed management, steering drift compensation and horsepower management help increase ease of use and reduce operator fatigue.  

Our breadth of product supports manufacturers' design needs 

Modern Skid Steer Design on Larger Footprint with Enhanced ControlsHydraulic hose with a smaller outside diameter, which in turn weighs less and is more flexible. The smaller footprint of GlobalCore can lead to smaller and lighter cable tracks, which are easier to handle and require fewer man-hours for installation and repair. Naturally, the reduction in material reduces the weight of the hose assembly which directly impacts transportation and fuel costs.  The flexible of GlobalCore allows for a smaller bend radius, allowing engineers to move attached components closer together. Furthermore, from a maintenance standpoint the low force to flex directly affects employee fatigue, risk of injury and ease of installation.  

Modern Skid Steer Design on Larger Footprint with Enhanced Controls FEM couplings Global Mobile SystemsWhen it comes to quickly and easily exchanging attachments, our FEM Series couplers are a good choice. The increased need for attachments is complicated by the fact that not all attachments are universal. Late model skid steers have a universal coupler that allows different brands of skid steers to be used with different brands of attachments. When interchanging attachments, it is important to consider the hydraulic capacity and flow necessary to run every attachment. Flow and capacity can be dictated by the coupler.  Our FEM Series couplers are double shut, off non-spill quick couplings designed to minimize spillage and air inclusion when connecting or disconnecting, which reduces the chance for serious injury. Furthermore, the FEM couplers have a sleeve locking mechanism to help prevent accidental disconnection. From a productivity standpoint, the right coupler enables the operator to change attachments quickly, allowing a company to use fewer machines on each job and increase the number of bids per year.    

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